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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Eye Test.

Hi Folks.

The MOT continued for me today. I had to visit the opticians Specsavers to have a needed eye test, because my last one was almost two years ago. Before setting off for my appointment, I woke up way to early for my liking 6.30am, but it did mean I could stoke the back cabin fire, which we kept in last night because the temperature got down to -0.1c overnight brrrr. Fire stoked, cuppa made and enjoyed in bed, dog walked and breakfast eaten, it was then time for me to set off for the bus in Foxton Village. I am not a great lover of walking along the road, when there is no footpath, so I chose to take a longer route down, which took me through a country path. foxton

I then reached the Oak tree below the church to wait for the Coachcare bus to arrive. It came past me at 11.05am and I was horrified to see the driver talking on his mobile phone as he sped down the hill. There were no passengers on the bus, but this was still dreadful and I have contacted the company to tell them so. It does not bare thinking about, what could have happened. If I had not had an appointment, I would not have used the bus, but needs must so when it arrived I did get on. I could have also said something to the driver, but then I thought that maybe he would refuse to let me on the bus, so I kept quiet. I am hoping that by contacting the company, they will take some action, I will see if I get a reply.


The bus dropped me off in Market Harborough at 11.20am so I had time to kill because my appointment was not until 12.25pm. I walked around the charity shops and bought a copy of "The man who sued God" starring Brian Connelly who I love. I also went into a few other shops before setting off to Specsavers. I had all the tests with lots of gismos, then saw the optician who did his tests with gismos, he then told me my eyes had changed a little, so new glasses were needed. Deep joy the bank balance would by now be screaming "STOP". I chose my new glasses, handed over the money and left the shop thinking what now with another forty five minutes to kill until the bus came back. I ended up going to Greggs for a sausage roll to stop my hunger pangs, I also purchased a Pudsey Key Ring, so have already done my bit for Children In Need this year. With 10 minutes to go until the bus was due to arrive, I sat in the bus shelter and waited and waited. This time it was 15 minutes late, which is not to bad.

I am now back on the boat, Keith had to play with the water pump again because it began leaking again grrrrr, but he is hoping that he has now fixed it, so fingers crossed. I now have to think of something for tonight's dinner. Then I am putting my feet up for the rest of the evening. Chat soon xx

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