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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The yearly MOT.

Hi Folks.

It has been a very busy day for us, which began with and alarm call at 6.30am. Waking up in the dark felt so strange, but we needed to be up and ready to be off the boat at 7.30am. So Paddy was walked, breakfast was eaten and my first cuppa of the day was drunk before we locked up the boat and began walking to Foxton village to catch the 8am bus to Market Harborough. The bus was in fact 15 minutes late, which did not both us, but a gentleman who was waiting with us seemed less pleased as he kept shaking his head. I said "Good Morning" and got no reply what so ever, so left him to be Mr grumpy.

After what seemed like a speedy trip into Market Harborough, we stepped off the bus and made our way to the indoor market, where we enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee from the market cafe, which does some wonderful food as well. At the moment the market is fighting relocation after the council have said they may want to relocate there offices there. NEWS. I personally think it would be tragic if the market place had to move just to keep the council happy. Anyway enough politics we enjoyed our coffee, wandered around the shops, then made our way to the dentist, for the first of our MOT visits today. I am not a dentist lover it has to be said, so when I sat in the chair my hands tightly gripped the chair arms, like I was on a white knuckle ride at Alton Towers, I do not like them either by the way. I was pleased when my dentist told me there was absolutely nothing to be done and that I was doing a wonderful job with my brushing, I did not have the heart to say to him, I only brush once a day and floss once a week ha ha ha. Keith was a different kettle of fish, he has to go back for two fillings next week. Having been to the torture room, we then walked up to Mistry's the chemists and got our flu vaccinations, which we did last year, the difference this year was the cost, because last year we paid £15 each, this year we only paid £9.99 each, which is an absolute bargain if it stops us getting flu or worse still swine flu. With that all done we walked up to Union Wharf and collected our post from our new post box and from the office of the hire company, we also had a nice chat with friends there before walking back into town where we enjoyed a sausage butty at the market cafe, washed down by another of their fantastic cups of coffee. 1.20pm Keith had an eye test as he was over due, which he found out earlier in the morning when he went into Specsavers to try and get two new pairs of glasses. His other ones are at the bottom of the canal, yep he keeps dropping them in the water where ever we seem to go grrrr. So eye test done, he was told the news that he needed a new prescription, so yet another expense. I will be having mine done on Thursday and I just know they will tell me I need new glasses, as I know my eyes are getting worse. The poor bank account is being hammered this month, but needs must. You should never neglect your eyes. With the money handed over for his new glasses which will be ready in a few days, we legged it to the bus stop to catch the bus back to Foxton, I was praying it would not be late, because our Tesco food delivery was due between 4and 5pm. We in fact got back to Foxton at 3.30pm, so I had just enough time to light the back cabin stove and put the shopping away we had done in town, which included two lamb shanks from the market butcher for £2.99 each mmmm will be nice in a stew. I also bought bird food for the birdies I love to photograph so much. Shopping put away I gathered my fold away crates, bags and the trolley and wandered off down the path to the entrance to Foxton Locks and waited. Some 10 minutes later my phone rang, it was my Tesco man telling me he was 5 minutes away, wooo hoooo he was early, ok it was only 10 minutes early but just as well we had not been late back from town. Shopping packed into the crates and bags, I wheeled it back to the boat having waved to the Tesco man. I then had the arduous task of stowing all the shopping away, but this time I was beginning to feel cream crackered. Shopping stowed away, time to think about dinner for us and for mog and dog. It was also chilly in the saloon, so I lit the saloon stove as we were both having showers and the bathroom was cold.

it is now 19.46pm, I am showered and ready for my bed. It has been a busy old day and I am tired. Paddy and Marmite are lounging around in the boat, because it is nice and cosy. I have a feeling I am going to sleep well tonight. Chat soon xx

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