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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Foxton to Welford Junction.

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Hi Folks.

Foxton Top Lock to Welford, 2 hours 35 minutes to do 7 miles.

A Bright but chilly start to Wednesday, so I riddled the fire and got it going again, so the back cabin was warm. Before we could make a move Keith had to get the 9am bus into Market Harborough to take a torch back to Wilkinson's, because it was not working properly. Which is sods law when it comes to us buying anything.

Whilst Keith was away I got rid of rubbish and emptied the toilet cassette, I had planned to use our water containers to top up the water tank using our new funnel, but the water tap at the car park toilets above Foxton Top Lock was turned off, so that plan was dismissed, we will take water on a Yelvertoft now.

10.15am whilst I was clearing the Autumn leaves off the boat Keith arrived back with another torch, so fingers crossed this one works longer than the last one. We had a cup of coffee, then set about preparing the boat for the off. Keith fired up the engine, which coughed and spluttered into life, only firing on one cylinder for a few seconds then the second one cut in on and off, but having warmed up she was once again happy.


We left the mooring we had occupied for the last week and a bit, with a view to to make it to Welford Junction. On the bridge were a couple of gentleman in a pony and trap who waved us off, before they went on their way.


It was a stunning morning for cruising, and I could have been mistaken for thinking I had died and gone to heaven it was so beautiful. We said cheerio to friends as we passed them and wished them a Happy Christmas, because we do not know if we will be back on the Leicester Line again before Christmas, a lot depends on the water levels, this morning it is down at least four inches, so does not bode well.


As we cruised through the stunning countryside, I even got a photograph of a Kingfisher sitting on a branch in front of the boat.

A Boat Club hire boat allowed us to pass them before we got to Husbands Bosworth Tunnel, so we had a clear passage through.


Whilst on the move we had lunch, of a sausage roll and one of Jo’s home made mince pies each, it was not long before we arrived at Welford Junction at 1.10pm. All moored up we sold a bottle of toilet blue to a boat already moored in front of us. Marmite was put on her lead and Paddy was allowed out on the back counter. We were chatting to customers when a Jack Russell and German Shepherd jumped off of a boat behind us. The Jack Russell began wandering towards the boat, it then jumped on to the back counter, Paddy did nothing to stop it, but it met its match when it came across Marmite, who was in the back cabin, she chased it off the boat. No one messes with her, especially when it comes to her boat. The gentleman who owns both the dogs then began shouting and swearing at his hounds to get back on their own boat. I suggest it would have been a good idea to have supervised them when he opened the back doors of his boat and allowed them to jump off the boat in the first place. I really hate it when people just allow their dogs to jump off the boat willy nilly. Thankfully it is not something Paddy ever does. We have taught him not to get off of the boat unless we tell him to. Not only that those who allow their dogs to go off on their own, never pick up after their dogs. If I get up in the morning and find dog poop near our boat, I will know where it has come from and it will be going right back to his boat.

It is now 2.55pm and still stunning outside. We have no TV signal, so the DVD collection will come out later no doubt. I am off to think of something for tonight's dinner, so Chat Soon xx


  1. Hi, My husband is a descendent of Samuel Barlow, I dont suppose you could tell me if there are any of his canal boats still in use which show Samuel Barlow paintwork on.I hope this makes sense. I am researching my husbands family tree for him.Thank you Jo Riley

  2. Hi Jo.
    I would need to know the name of his boats to know whether they are still working or on the water. You can e-mail me at jo@hadar.org.uk


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