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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Making a stand or picking on people??

A borough in London is seeking help to move on boaters who are over staying their welcome. Should this be seen as someone finally taking a stand, or are they picking on people trying to live a different way of life, you decide???



  1. Hi Jo,
    That's quite a charged question and there are two ways of looking at the answer as I see it.

    From the councils point of view the boaters are clearly overstaying on non permanent moorings and therefore one can understand the council's reaction after asking for them to leave and being ignored.

    However, the council and government have allowed this to happen in the first place by not providing enough long term moorings and perhaps should be more lenient as a result. I do think its a bit unfair creating a by-law to remove a nuisance (if that is actually the case) just because the council wants them off their land.

    My biggest concern here is that the newspaper has only shown the council's version of the story and appears to give the boaters a bad image (not good for the rest of us). I would like to hear the boaters version of the story to redress the balance. We might see the situation in a different light then

    I don't know the availability of moorings on the Thames but from reading blogs they seem to be far and few between, as well as expensive. Perhaps its time to recognise that more long term moorings are needed in the area and yes I did say long term not permanent moorings

    Hope to see you both at the Weaver Festival
    Steve & Chris

  2. Hi Steve and Chris, thanks for your input. I think whatever the situation rules and regulations are there to be obeyed by everyone and if you are not prepared to obey the rules etc, then the water is not for you. Permanent moorings anywhere on the system are hard to find and this does include the Thames and of course the cost of moorings on the Thames are extremely high, which is probably out of reach of many people. It is not an easy problem to solve.

    Look forward to seeing you at the Weaver festival, the kettle will be on. x


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