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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Otherside of Lift Bridge at Froncysyllte.

Map image

Travelled 0.4 miles in a time of 35 minutes.
The plan for today was to go walking, so having done all the morning jobs, I made us a flask of coffee and we set off to discover more of this beautiful landscape.
Keith has seen boards from the boat, so we went to see what they were all about and discovered a walk around Tan Y Cut Wood. It is a private wood, but open to the public. The woodland banks are are a sea of wild garlic at the moment, just as if someone had lain a carpet out. Amongst the wild garlic there is also Bluebells.
The whole route is 500 metres.
If your a little unsteady on your feet it may not be for you, but the circular route does have wooden walk ways in some areas.
There was a view of the River Dee and the Cefn Viaduct.
SAM_0823 SAM_0824
Having completed the walk around the wood, we walked across the aqueduct again and sat down at the visitor centre for a coffee.
Whilst we were watching the world go by a coach load of Japanese tourists arrived and immediately got their cameras out to take a photograph of a boat coming across the aqueduct, none of them seemed to keen to venture across the aqueduct though.
For those who still find it had to pronouce.
Keith went into the visitor centre to ask about mooring in the Trevor Arm, and spoke to a BW man on the phone. Apparently we would be able to moor there as he reckoned it was deep enough for us, so we then had a change of plan in mind, to maybe bring Hadar down to the arm ready for an early start in the morning. On our walk back to the boat, we discussed moving Hadar to the water point past the lift bridge, where we would stay overnight, but should we not be able to get in, we would then continue over the aqueduct to the Trevor Arm. On our way back we met Sue off of NB Beefur and had a natter with her.
They have a lovely mooring under the old Lime Kilns.
We left the mooring no sooner we got back from our walk at 12.05am.
I worked the lift bridge for us and three other boats. One of the boats was NB Sultan, who we moored in front of as the water point.
We then moored up just past the water point, which is deep enough for us and will do for the night, as we will be setting off early in the morning. Simon on NB Sultan had pulled in for water and to wait for a friends boat to arrive, we enjoyed and informative chat with him. After we said cheerio and left him to fill up his water tank, I toasted some bread muffins for our lunch and then a knocking came at the engine room door, it was Simon with a jar of his home made chutney, which he wanted us to have, because he had really enjoyed chatting and getting to know us. I was really taken back by his generosity, because we had only just met him. This sort of generosity is rarely seen on the canals by some these days. I thanked him for the lovely gift and once more he was back to filling his water tank, and I completed the toasting of my lunch.

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