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Sunday, 27 May 2012

People we meet and greet.

As anyone who knows me will know I am an extremely social person, who it has to be said will chat for England and I love to meet new people, but to me that is what living on the canal is all about. So over this past few days, whilst we have been moored up, I have met some interesting people and not just people on boats. Although we are on a very quiet stretch of the towpath as far as dog walkers, cyclists and walkers goes, we have had one or two people come past. On Thursday as we were sat out on the towpath under the Common Ash, a lady and gentleman came walking past with back packs and walking poles, the lady was carrying an empty water bottle, so I asked "would you like your water bottle refilled". The lady declined saying " We are almost at our destination". They were heading for a B&B at Welsh Frankton Junction, having walked from Whitchurch. They were enjoying a walking holiday, which involved no camping, but spending their nights in B&B's. The couple were looking forward to a nice hot shower and to putting their feet up for the evening.

On Friday having seen not a living soul wandering the towpath yet another lady and gentleman, clad in back packs and being propped up by walking poles came past and once again I asked if I could top up their water bottles, because they both looked done in. The lady who I found out was named Pauline declined the offer, as she had another in her bag. I got chatting to her as she took a breather and was told that she was walking from John O' Groats to Lands End, Pauline and her friend had set off in 2010 and would finish "God Only Knows" was her answer, because it was god who told her to do it. See I told you we meet some interesting people on the towpath.

Saturday was a little busier on the towpath, we had a few walkers and cyclists pass as we were inside the boat, but whilst once again sat under the Common Ash tree, having complete all my painting jobs, two young woman came strolling towards us. I did not get their names, but they are taking part in the Walking the Walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. They were in training for a 20 mile walk, which is think is so admirable, both Keith and I wished them luck as they continued on with their training. If they can walk in the heat of the past few days they will finish easily. Later in the day a couple came towards us on bicycles, the lady was walking with hers and the gentleman was cycling very slowly behind her, so as they came past I said "Hello" and got completely blanked. In fact I think I can say that they looked down on me with disdain, it was a look of your the scum of the earth and how dare you sit out on the towpath. Thankfully not all cyclists are like that, many I have had interesting conversations with, well that is when they are not cycling past me at 90 miles an hour.

Whatever happened to being polite and saying "Hello" or "Please and Thank You". It seems to be in short supply at times.

Moored up in front of us over night were John and Myra on NB Tramper, as really lovely couple from Grimsby out enjoying their cruising time between April and October, before they take their boat home and have put it out on the bank for the Winter. Keith and I had an interesting conversation with John about how he has a haulage company and some land, so every October he has his boat taken out of the water and moved to his yard where his boat sits for the Winter, then in the Spring he has it craned on to a lorry and moved to where ever he wants, put back in the water and away he goes. Even with the craning and moving on a lorry, John saves himself a fortune in mooring fees, he also saves on putting the boat in for blacking, because he can do it himself over the Winter on the bank. Amazing the little things you learn whilst moored up.

I wonder who I will meet today??

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