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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Painting, painting and more painting.

The sun was out and so were the boats again. Yesterday's post suggested I saw at least 30 boats, well I think I may have under estimated, because today 64 boats came past us through out the day and yesterday was even busier, so I think you should double yesterdays number and add a little more.

My day was going to be another one of as the title suggests painting and more painting.


Before any painting could take place, I rubbed down the cratch board with our electric sander, to make sure the filler was nice and smooth. The cratch board then got its first coat of dark blue gloss and even though I say it myself, it does not look to bad. The locker hatch got its first coat of white gloss, whilst I did all of that Keith got on with scrubbing the last of the hold strings.


I then rubbed down the end of the top plank, gunwale, kebb and spike, so that I could paint them with red enamel.


The fireman's hose, which holds down the sheeting on the cratch board, was scrubbed and once dry painted with white paint, it is something I am trying because I am finding it hard to get hold of white plimsole whitener, which I have used in the past. Lunch was eaten in the dappled sunshine as we sat under the trees and bushes out of the direct sunshine, which was very hot.


After lunch Keith then got on with painting the exhaust pipe for the engine, which we paint with matt emulsion, it will need another coat tomorrow. I got on with painting our sale boards ready to write up again.


With the afternoon moving towards dinner time, I blacked both the saloon fire and the back cabin stove. I then washed all the ribbon and lace plates behind the back cabin stove and polished the brass and the copper kettle. Tomorrow I will wash the curtains again and wash all the other plates.


Whilst Keith and I worked hard Marmite enjoyed laying in the sun shine. She enjoyed being let off the boat to roll in the dirt and eat grass, without being attacked by loose dogs, as it has been very quiet on the towpath.


Paddy looked on as we got on with finishing off for the day.

With jobs done for the day, it was time to put everything away and I then had to cook dinner and have a much needed coffee. I am now sitting with my feet up. The generator has been on to charge the batteries and I put a wash on, so that need hanging up in the engine room and should dry over night. Tomorrow will be another busy painting day, so I am off to relax now before I feel the need to go to my bed.

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