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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Walkies and deliveries.

Map image

Today we have not moved by boat, but we did take ourselves off along the towpath to find the the winding hole and to find Canal Central. We spotted the Canal Central Tearoom, but kept walking to the winding hole along a very peaceful and tranquil part of the canal. Keith had his ruler with him to measure the depth of the 48 hour moorings, to make sure we would be able to moor up, because we had seen from Nessa and Mo's blog on NB Balmaha, they had struggled to get into the bank, but Keith reckons on the second of the 48 hour moorings we may be ok, so we will see tomorrow.


Gronwen Wharf is the limit of the navigation at the moment, but it is exciting to think that with the work going on, we could soon be going further along the canal. Having checked out the winding hole, we wandered back along the towpath.


Croft Mill Arm before the lift bridge.


We wandered up the arm. Boats used to off load grain at the mill from Liverpool and Ellesmere Port.


This was the end of the Mill Arm. The arm is fed by Morda Brook.


Croft's Mill Lift Bridge.


We arrived back at Canal Central Tearoom and enjoyed a coffee and a chat whilst there. We also found out they have their very own railway.


The engine needs some work.


The track is coming along.


The track runs through and around the caravan and tent park. It will be wonderful when it is finished. After our coffee and chat, we wandered back to the boat and I made us some lunch.

2.45pm we collected the trolley and food boxes from the hold and wandered up to the Navigation Inn to wait for Mr Tesco to arrive. The text I received at 9am said he would be with me between 3pm and 4pm. At 3pm I got a phone call from the van driver to say he would be with us at 3.45pm and he did indeed arrived on time. We loaded up our boxes and bags, had a quick chat with the driver, who had never delivered to to a boat before, so we made his day. We thanked him for his prompt service and made our way back to the boat.

I put all the shopping away and I am pleased to say that both my freezers, fridge and cupboards are all full, so we will be fine for a while now, well until we get back to Ellesmere anyway. Dinner is now cooking and I am seriously thinking about having an evening with my feet up.

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