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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Busy Tuesday.

Hi Friends.

Another morning began with us drinking tea in bed, this time a little more snuggled beneath the duvet as it was a little chilly. I had let both fires out yesterday because it was to warm in the boat. As we sat in bed discussing the days plans, we could hear people walking and jogging past the boat. Anyone that jogs must need their head read (just my opinion). I cannot think of anything worse to do as far as exercise is concerned.

Have you ever seen a happy jogger?

7.30 am I was up and dressed, with thoughts of lighting the back cabin stove, so bring a little warmth into the cabin. I also wanted to cook today's dinner on it, so once Keith was up, dressed and the he had folded the bed away, I cleaned out the fire and relit it with some housecoal to begin with, then I threw on some Excel for good measure, that will soon have the boat warm again. The weather at the moment is so hit and miss, still on the 27th March it is the beginning of British Summer Time, so fingers crossed we will be in for some good weather. Here am I living in hope ;0).
Fire was going a good one, so Paddy was next on my list, he was ready and waiting for his walk. Along the towpath at Market Harborough he does not get a chance to run off of the lead, because there are usually a lot of other dogs and their walkers about and I prefer to keep him under control when there are other dogs around. I wish others were as considerate.

With all the usual jobs done, I left Keith on the boat and headed off down the town. Keith had a dental appointment at 10.10am, so there was no point him coming fruit and veg shopping with me. In my head I had a list of things I wanted to do whilst in town. Firstly I went to the bank, then to the sewing shop to find a 26"/27" zip for my waistcoat. For some odd reason the teeth have started falling out of the zip, so I needed a new zip to replace the old. Unfortunately they only had a 22" zip and it was dark Brown, this would have to do, because I could not wait around for them to order me one. I am sure no one will notice once I have fitted it. I then made my way to the indoor market for some Sausages. Three packs of their homemade Sausages for £4.50 a real bargain, some of these would end up in rolls for lunch, with of course Onion and Tomato Sauce. As I was well ahead of myself, I decided to scour the charity shops in the hunt for a wool blanket. I did not find a wool blanket but did find the next best thing, a piece of wool material which will do the job. I will tell you what I want it for in a later post, hopefully with photographs. Outside the indoor market they have a chap selling fruit and veg for £1 a bowl, so I bought two veg bowls and one fruit, this will keep us going for a couple of weeks. With my list of purchases all done and dusted I then lugged my rucksack back up the hill to the boat, where I found the boat all locked up, which meant Keith had gone to the doctors.
No sooner I was on board and the kettle on, my phone rang and a customer asked if he could come and get some coal straight away, so I put the kettle on the stove and went and unloaded some coal for my customer waiting for me in the car park. I wheeled the coal around the basin on my sack barrow to a waiting car, where Rob loaded the coal into his boot. Another very satisfied customer. I only had one other customer to supply later in the afternoon and that is Market Harborough done. This is our last coal delivery to Market Harborough until October.
Four of the Sausages I bought from the market, were placed in the back stove oven with Onions to roast ready for lunch. Keith eventually arrived back at the boat having been to the dentist, he goes back again in two weeks to have his crown fitted. Lunch was cooked so I made us both a couple of Hotdogs and a Coffee, which went down a treat.

After lunch it was time for me to get on with painting the other side of the forward bulkhead. Keith removed the navigation light, I rubbed it all down and started to paint on the Red Oxide paint, whilst I got on with the painting, Keith set off to buy a gas bottle from Brandon's hire company, where we can get a 13kg bottle of gas for £20, the cheapest in the area. By the time Keith got back, the first coat of Red Oxide was all done and was drying nicely in the sunshine. I managed to get a second coat on later in the afternoon.

Today has been a wonderful day for getting lots of things done. Dinner tonight is a Mince Beef Curry, which is cooking in the back cabin stove. After dinner I may sit down and take the zip out of my waistcoat, but that is only if I can keep my eyes open. I am feeling a little worn out now after such a busy old day.
Paddy is snoozing in the back cabin having had his tea and Marmite is perched on a shelf in the galley.
I am now off to check dinner so chat soon xx.

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