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Monday, 21 March 2011

Just a quickie.

Hello Friends.

I am feeling everso slightly cream crackered after having a rotten nights sleep, all due to the Menopause. If your a man and your reading this, you do not know how lucky you are. I am going to be so glad when it finally ends.
So having had a rotten nights sleep, we were awake early so I made a cuppa and we sat in bed discussing what the day was going to bring. We both had shopping lists for Market Harborough and had also agreed that we would have lunch at the Angel Hotel. With there being no chance of me going back to sleep, I got up and laid up breakfast. Paddy then got his walk. On returning to the boat, I relit the back cabin stove, which I let out last night, because it was rather warm in the cabin. I love to have the Copper Kettle on the stove ready for Coffee, so whilst the weather is still a little uncertain I will light the back cabin stove in the mornings.
Summer seems to have arrived early as it is definitely warming up nicely, by 8.30am we were ready for the off, we had a warm sunny trip to Union Wharf, Market Harborough behind a hire boat from the basin. We caught up with the hire boat at the Foxton Village swing bridge and I was not amused when despite seeing us coming, they closed the bridge on us. As I ran towards the bridge to ask him to leave it open, I noticed school children crossing with their parents, so I think he may have closed it to let them over, so I gave him the benefit of doubt on this occasion. We carried on behind them all the way to Bridge 14, Union Canal Society Moorings, where we pulled in so I could get off to walk to Logan Street Wharf to see if there were any moorings, we could of got in there, so I rang Keith and let it ring three times, before walking onwards towards the basin to see if there were any moorings on the towpath. Hey presto we were in luck. because Keith did not find we waiting at Logan Street Wharf he carried on towards the basin to meet up with me. We moored up in front of Jim and Jenny on NB Jolly Roger. Having sorted everything out on the boat, we walked into Market Harborough where we had our last lunch on our Christmas voucher at the Angel Hotel, which was very scrummy as always. We then popped into Hfm studios (CLICK) to pick up our tickets for the battle of the DJ's on the 15th April and I got to have a look around the new studios, which are fantastic. Moley showed me around and I got to go into the studio as Dave Smith was broadcasting. Everyone at the station are wonderful and we love them dearly. We also collected out post and found that we had received our Census form in the post, which is amazing as we are not on the electoral roll, and even amazed the girl at the Council Offices as we popped in to register for the electoral roll. I wonder how they found us? lol.
It really has been a busy old day and I am cream crackered after we delivered coal to all our remaining customers in Market Harborough, this will be our last delivery of coal to the basin. Jill and Don on NB Idunno very kindly gave us both a glass of Merlot, which went down very well. I hope you cannot be had up for being drunk in charge of a sack barrow LOL. I only had half a glass honest ;0). The hold is looking very empty now and is getting difficult to climb out of, I am stretching muscles that have never been stretched before ;0). As we got back to the boat Alan and Frances on NB Lazy Days came past, winded in the basin and came back and found a mooring, I did catch a quick chat with them as I delivered coal to a customer, and with any luck we will chat further tomorrow. Dinner tonight will be sandwiches and I have a feeling bed will be calling me very early this evening. I am off now to see what I can find in the fridge.

Chat soon xx.

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