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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Symbolds Spinney to Welford to Foxton Top Lock.

Hi Friends.

A brand new day began with sunshine pouring through the pigeon box portholes, this was a welcome start, as we had, had mist for the past couple of days. Keith got up and I had a nose out of the back cabin doors. Standing on the towpath were two Cock Pheasants. I reckon they had been eating the bird food I had spilt on the ground. If only they had been in season, we could have had them for dinner. In the reeds behind the boat Mr Frog was croaking away, hoping to attract a mate and the birds were singing, so it was most definitely a good day for travelling, warm, sunny, no wind and very few boats on the move. Before we left our mooring for the past few days, Brian and Sylvia on NB Golden Valley stopped for a bag of coal. I got to see their new addition to the boat, a beautiful pale Ginger kitten and her mum who has adopted Brian and Sylvia. We let them go off first and followed them all the way to Welford, where we delivered our last few bags of coal for this Winter. I then suggested we had lunch at the Wharf Inn. We both had the Haddock, large size, which consists of two pieces of fish instead of one, Chips and Peas. We both soon polished it off to the surprise of the people on the next table and washed it down with a pint of beer each. Having eaten such a large lunch we walked it off, by walking into the village to find a postbox, so I could post our census.

Maybe I should have given it to Postman Pat. He is one of two wooden statues which stands by Welford Pocket Park. Census posted we can now forget about it for another Ten years.

Once back at the boat we decided that we would set off for Foxton because the weather was so nice. At Welford Lock a British Waterways boat is moored on the lock moorings, which was rather annoying, because Keith could not drop me off at the lock. On the bank were these three large coping stones, which have been fished out of the water and will at some point be cemented back into place all ready for boats to knock them off again no doubt.

Already waiting to go into the lock was NB Chisbury a shared ownership boat, who was heading back to Calcutt, so we waited for them to exit the lock, before it was our turn.We left the Welford Arm and headed for Foxton so it has been a longish day for us, but rather wonderful in the sunshine. We are moored above Foxton Locks and will probably go down the flight in the morning.

Because of the sunshine today, the boat is rather warm, this is not helped by the fires which have gone into overtime for some strange reason. I am going to let the saloon stove out tonight and just keep the back cabin stove in.

I am off now to arrange some dinner for us both, whilst Keith takes Paddy for his evening stroll.

Chat soon xx.

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