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Monday, 14 March 2011

Crick to Bridge 36.

Hi Friends.

Having enjoyed a nice weekend at Crick, we had a superb spring morning's run today. The flowers are starting to appear, along with blossom and leaves on the trees. The birds were singing and we were both in fine fetal. We waved goodbye to John on NB Acen and Richard on Digitalis as we left Crick. Having winded at Watford Locks we then returned through Crick tunnel. Despite the lovely morning, there was very little boat movement, so I had a lovely time at the tiller. I do enjoy testing myself whilst in charge of the tiller and that usually happens when I have to negotiate moored boats in odd places or sharp bends. Thankfully today there was nothing to taxing to get around and I managed not to meet a boat in a bridge 'ole, so handling the boat was an absolute joy. We are moored at Downton Bridge 36 and it is a lovely afternoon. Marmite is enjoying being able to roll about on the towpath and Paddy is lead on the back counter. I took advantage of the lovely sunshine by talking my tripod and camera out to see what I could snap. There were very few birds about, so I had to turn my camera on to something else.

Whilst out I spotted Muntjac footprints in dried mud. It is amazing what you can see when you look down at the ground. I also looked up and spotted these Four areoplanes crossing the sky. I wonder if they were actually going to the same destination?? Any ideas folks as to what this bird is?

I am thinking a Reed Bunting, but maybe you know better.??

It is not a Sparrow as it does not match pictures or the call.

It has been a lovely day. I now have a Cottage Pie cooking in the back cabin stove and Vegetables cooking on top of the stove for tonights dinner. I have swept the engine room out, having shaken the mats. I am now covered in dust and in need of a shower, so that will be on the cards for tonight after dinner.

Just read this article online, after hearing about the story from a Taxi driver friend.

Tell me what you think, was the driver right???
Mother charge £40 soiling fee, after giving birth in the back of a taxi. (CLICK).
I think he was out of order. She did not plan to give birth in his taxi. Not only that he charge her a further £14 for the journey. ;0(
Chat soon. xx

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