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Wednesday 12 December 2012

A woman’s work.

I am so honoured that I get to see the seasons come and go and I especially love the Winter. I love watching it in all its glory. This morning we are frozen in with the temperature getting down to –3.3 c over night, thankfully the fog has begun to lift and it looks like the sun may pop out later.
With us being on a Winter mooring until at least the beginning of January, I have not had much to write about, but I did think to myself that yesterday (Tuesday) was a busy old day for me. It all began at 7am with me stoking the back cabin fire, making a cup of tea which was enjoyed in bed. When I stepped off the boat with Paddy it was very foggy, bringing the temperature down, I walked Paddy along the towpath and watched the Kingfisher scoot past me on its way to find some unfrozen water. Whilst I was out Keith laid up the breakfast and put the generator to charge up our new batteries, which are doing a sterling job. After breakfast a customer came around to collect two bags of coal, I then delivered four bags of coal to a boater in the basin. It was then time to stoke the saloon stove up for the day. I found time for a coffee before heading off to the sanitary station with the toilet cassette, rubbish and a bag of ash, which all got dumped one way or another. Phew time for lunch and five minutes break.
After some lunch, I headed off down to the town to do a couple of things, I always find the walk back up the hill hard work, but it does get the old heart pumping. By the time I got everything done it was well into the afternoon and I was beginning to feel as if I had done a hard days work, arghhhhhhh I hate the four letter word. Time for my second coffee of the day and a chance to sit down and watch Dickinson’s Real Deal. There is never any rest for the wicked, because I then had dinner to cook, animals to feed and after all that the fires needed stoking for the night. All in all it was a busy old day, but you know what, I would not have changed it. I am the sort of person who likes to keep busy.
What did Keith do? I know your wondering.
He helped me get the coal out of the hold for the customers, which is a huge help. They say a woman’s work is never done and today has also been busy so far.
With the frost came ice on the canal and cobwebs shimmering in the sunlight. The fog had lifted which meant Paddy and I enjoyed a nice walk with the sun looking like we may see it.
The canal is frozen again, so the ducks are finding it hard work.
The ice in the basin was thick enough for the swans to stand on. They were very grateful for some bread this morning.
Today was Tesco food delivery day, but before that I stoked both the fires, finished writing the Christmas cards and posted them and then at midday Keith and I gathered together our boxes and bags and shut the boat up to head for our food delivery. I got the trolley out of the hold and we strode off around the basin which was slippery under foot to the back of the Waterfront Restaurant where we were going to collect our delivery. 12.30pm Mr Tesco man arrived, he unloaded the crates and we filled our crates with food. On returning to the boat, Keith passed the crates through the galley doors and I then stowed the food away in the cupboard, fridge and freezer, we are all set for Christmas now. I have a small delivery coming next week with the last items we need for the festive celebrations, it will also last us into the New Year, whether we are still on the Winter mooring or have moved off. After stowing away the food, it was time for lunch and a chance to watch an afternoon movie. Later on it will be time to cook dinner, stoke the fires, feed us and the mog and dog, so I am off now to have a coffee and a mince pie.

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