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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Engines and Washing Machines.

A couple of days ago, we ran the engine which we like to do once a week when moored for more than a week, this is to ensure it runs on both cylinders, because the engine is an elderly lady she gets a little out of sorts if she is not run. We have found in the past that if we do not run the engine for a more than a week it only runs on only one cylinder for about 10 minutes before the 2nd cylinders comes to life. So by running the engine once a week we help to stop this from occurring. That is the theory anyway, because we did this a couple of days ago and despite running for some 15 to 20 minutes, the engine only ran on the 1 cylinder, which caused alarm bells to ring, and the pound signs to flash before my eyes.

Yesterday morning we stripped the engine down, Yes we, because I know as much about our vintage engine as Keith does. First thing to do was to take the rocker covers off. All seemed ok in that department. Keith then wanted to see which cylinder was not firing, which is easy to do, by running the engine and using one of our large screwdrivers, he put it in the right place and found out it was the sternward cylinder which was not firing.

Step 2 was to bleed the injector pumps to ensure that fuel was feeding through to them. Keith started with the sternward pump, and having loosened it some air bubbled out along with some fuel, so here was the problem. He then checked the other pump and that bled perfectly. Before replacing the rocker cover he restarted the engine and wooo hoo, both cylinders were firing, which was music to our ears. We had both been fearing the worst that it was going to cost us a small fortune to put right, but a bit of knowledge and no how and we sorted it ourselves.

This morning it was the turn of the washing machine to get a run to see if it was running ok, because the last time I used it, it threw itself around the galley like something demented. With great trepidation I weighed out 2kg of washing and laid it in the washing machine evenly, added the detergent, shut the door and switched it on, with my fingers crossed, so not an easy thing to do with fingers crossed. I had selected the rapid 32 minute wash, so for the whole 32 minutes I listened to every sound the machine made and phew  much to my relief I need not have worried, the machine worked perfectly and it stayed in its bay. I had visions of it misbehaving and another bill to pay to have it looked at. I think the problem has been, I have not been putting enough washing in it and probably putting to many items of the same sort, meaning it has not be level when spinning. You would think at my ages I would have learnt by now as I have done thousands of washes in all sorts of machines, but hey ho you are never to old to learn.

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