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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Christmas Day.

It began at 7am for me, but for Keith he was awake at 2am. I think he was hoping to see Santa ;0). Cup of tea in bed whilst listening to Hfm, with Dave Irvine playing Christmas tunes. Paddy decided as his Christmas treat he would climb up on to the bed between us for his Christmas cuddle, the cheeky boy. 8.30am it time to get up and take him out in my scruffs, no point dressing up to walk along a muddy towpath.


Whilst walking, the Kingfisher flew from tree to tree and the church bells rang out across Market Harborough, what a perfect way to start the day. Breakfast was eaten, mog and dog were fed and the phone rang. Now Hfm were doing a competition to win a bottle of Champagne. Dave would ring a random number and providing you answered “Ho, Ho, Ho” you got put into the draw for the Champagne. Now I knew no one else would be ringing, so I answered with “Ho, Ho, Ho” and yes it was Dave wishing Keith and I a Happy Christmas. There I was live on air chatting to Dave and knowing that people from across the area and the world would be listening. Dave asked me all about Christmas on the boat and how I manage to cook Christmas dinner, he also asked the old age question, “aren’t we cold on the boat in Winter? to which I answered No. It was wonderful to have a chat with him and to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas that knows us.

Morning boat jobs then got done, and I ironed my best top, yep the iron came out which is not something that happens very often, but it looked a mess. There I was all dressed up to the nines for Christmas Day and waiting to go out for Christmas dinner and so I thought it was time to heat up the mull wine and a couple mince pies, which were soon consumed. Neither Keith or I have ever had mulled wine before and I have to say I do like it. I opened a present from a friend and now have a new Apron and some smellies. Keith opened the watch he bought himself and I had a couple of small items from Keith in my stocking. No I was not wearing them at the time ;0). As you should already know we do not buy presents for each other as such, as we just do not have the room.

12 noon it was time to put on our rain coats and set off to Wetherspoons, The Sugar Loaf, where our Christmas Dinner was waiting. When we got there the place was alive with Christmas cheer, with people having a drink before they either went home for their meal or sat down in the pub for their meal. We were shown to our table and given a glass of Champagne, which was a nice surprise as we thought we would be buying our first drink. Our first course was soup, Keith had Tomato and Basil and I had Carrot and Coriander, both we were very nice.


We both had the full traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings and both of us were almost beaten by the sumptuous meal. It has to have been one of the best Christmas dinners I have ever had. We were given some time to chat and our lunch to settle before pudding arrived, which was Mint Chocolate Cheesecake for me and Christmas pudding with custard for Keith. Finally we had a cheese board and coffee, we were both very full to over flowing by the time we had finished our excellent Christmas meal, full marks to the chef he did Wetherspoons proud and I told the manager that, and so we did not have to pay for our coffees. Praise where praise was due.

3 pm we left The Sugar Loaf and plodded our way back to the warmth and comfort of the boat and our comfy chairs which was where we stayed for the rest of the day. Neither of us could eat another mouthful of food, because we were completely full from out dinner. I did make us coffee. The TV went on and we watched The Lord of the Rings and Downton Abbey. OMG is Matthew dead arghhh nooooo.

We both had a wonderful Christmas Day and here’s to next years. Blink and you would have missed it because it flew by, I guess that is our age.

Whilst eating lunch Wetherspoons had the Sky news on and it was pretty devastating to watch, car crash on the M6, fire and shooting in New York, fire in the Philippines shanty town and a plane crash oh this must be Christmas. I did spare a thought for all those who would not see Christmas this year and to all those who were suffering. I count myself so very lucky.

Merry Christmas. xx

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