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Monday 10 December 2012

Never rains unless it pours.

We have been having battery issues for sometime and so Saturday we called into a local firm, “The Battery Store” to buy some new domestic batteries for Hadar. The  Battery Store advertises on our local radio station Hfm. Having chatted to Stewart and his son Henry, we selected the appropriate batteries and not only did they deliver them to Union Wharf for us, but even gave us a lift back, which was not only excellent service, but it saved my legs.

Keith and I began stripping out the first of our old batteries and we then discovered that these new batteries were too wide to fit in the trays, now we had thought that the batteries were a standard size, but it appears not. Keith rang Henry up and Stewart delivered a new set of batteries, which was very good of him. The afternoon was wearing on into the evening by the time we got them all fitted and connected up. But immediately we noticed a difference.

This morning it was time to clean the old batteries up, because they had grease on the bottom, so I knelt on the back counter with a bowl of hot soapy water whilst Keith handed me the batteries, so I could clean them off. Whilst cleaning up the old batteries, we discovered that the original 2 batteries, which were installed at the time that one of our batteries blew it’s tops off due to overvoltage charging 2 years ago, had both got splits in the cases, so we were right in thinking that all 2 had in fact been damaged and I am just pleased that we have replaced them all. It was actually a shock to see the splits in the cases.

Our new batteries are traction batteries, which are usually fitted to such things as fork lift trucks, so it will be interesting to see how well these perform. At the moment they are performing really well, in fact so good that this morning we did not run the generator, and when we ran it last night it was for a far shorter period of time, compared to the old batteries. This will definitely reduce our use of diesel quite dramatically. I am glad that we can now stop worrying about how much power we have.

This year one way or another it has been a very expensive year as far as the boat is concerned, but that is the joys of owning and living on a boat, you have to be prepared for these things to happen and have the funds to pay for them.

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