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Friday 23 May 2014

Finally Home.

Yesterday (Thursday) I got up at 7.40 am, so a bit of a lie in after a disturbed night. Not even with Marmite keeping me company could I actually sleep all night, but hey ho. Up and the kettle went on and so did the news. I do like to know what is going on first thing in the morning.

After my breakfast Paddy got his walk and then he and Marmite got their breakfasts. Paddy is such a sweet boy, he sits in his bed and waits for his biscuits, but Marmite is so very vocal and she will not shut up until her food is in her dish. You can see who rules the boat between the pair of them.

I did a quick tidy of the boat and at 9.30 am my phone went off, telling me I had a voice mail, it turned out to be the sister from Keith’s ward, saying he was ready to come home (Hooray). So I dropped everything closed up the boat and did a speed walk to the hospital. Keith was sat ready and waiting for the off, free from his wadding moustache. His nose had stopped bleeding and the doctor was happy to come home, with some spray made from French sea water (I kid you not). I was wanting to get a taxi home, but Keith insisted he was fine and wanted to walk home, so we took a steady stroll back to the boat, where Paddy and Marmite were waiting by the back cabin doors to greet his home coming.

For Keith it was feet up time for a while, whilst I sorted out something for lunch time. At 1.30 pm Mr Tesco came with our food delivery and we joked about anything missing. The gentleman said “You should be fine, but of course ring the number on the invoice should anything not be there). I unpacked the shopping and low and behold there were two items missing, Cat food and Cat litter. They were big enough so I should have noticed straight away they were not there, but I did not. So I immediately got on the phone to Tesco who said they would refund £10.99 to our account. Which was fine, I would go round to the pet store and get both items when needed. Within 10 minutes of making that phone call, my phone rang and it was the Tesco driver. He had found the two items. They had fallen down behind the empty trays. He offered to deliver them to me after he had finished his rounds, which would be just after 4 pm and he duly turned up at 4.15 pm with both items of which I was really pleased. Keith had an e-mail from Tesco to say they were refunding the full amount to our account, so he then had to e-mail them back to say, we had received our goods after all and now we wait for a reply to that e-mail.

After all the excitement of the day, we both put our feet up after dinner and watched the last of the Harry Potter films. After watching the film we were both ready for our bed and so into the land of nod we headed.

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