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Sunday 25 May 2014

Wet weather and taking it easy.

Oh joy of joys, this weather is certainly watering the garden well, which of course saves me the job.


My Runner Beans are now seeing who can climb to the top of the canes first.


My Dwarf Beans are coming up really well, which is amazing because I only planted them a few days ago.


Lettuce will soon need thinning out.


Tomato plants are coming a long a treat.


There will be Strawberries me thinks this Summer mmmm.

Whilst the rain has been poring down, Keith has been taking things easy. Poor man cannot blow his nose for at least another week, so is stuffed up to the eyeballs. The sea spray he has been given seems to be helping with the cleaning of the nostrils and he can at last breath through both his nostrils when they are not bunged up. It actually helps if he lays down, otherwise his nose keeps running. Sneezing is still a problem, he has to do it through his mouth, which is noisy and could be messy. He could have opted not to have the operation, but I think in time he will appreciate having had it. Last night he went to bed at 9 pm and was a little unsettled throughout the night, which included snoring, so I did not get a huge amount of sleep. I sat up till 10.30 pm watching The American with George Clooney. I just as well have gone to bed, because it was not the best George Clooney film I have ever seen. Slow and boring come to mind.

Today has been a better day weather wise, so I went out with my camera. Photographs can be seen on my other BLOG. Whilst Keith took things easy, I got on with taking Paddy for his walk, then filling the water tank and emptying the toilet cassette. A woman’s work is never done.

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