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Thursday 15 May 2014

Goodbye’s, gardening and varnishing.


Yesterday we said “Goodbye” to Christine and Richard on NB Mandalay. They had been in and then went off to Stratford and came back. They spent a few days moored behind us on one of the residential moorings, which was super. It is always such fun catching up with them both and of course I must not forget Rio their lovely Jacky. They certainly picked a good day to head off for Oxford.

Joy of  joy, Keith has an appointment for his nose operation. I only sent the deferment letter back two weeks ago, to get him back on the waiting list and we got a phone call on Tuesday offering him next Tuesday for his operation. Of course he said yes please. So we are in for a busy few days, because Friday he has his pre-operation appointment. Then Monday we have to go to the hospital to see Keith’s consultant about his MRI scan on his back. Fingers are crossed, we are hoping it is nothing serious. Then Tuesday he goes in for his nose operation and I should get him home on Wednesday all being well. Having it done early means he has the rest of the Summer to get himself back to normal.


Our new bird table is proving a huge hit with the local bird population. It took the Wood Pigeons a while to figure out how to get on to the table and there was I hoping to keep them off it.

The past two days have seen me varnishing. Yes I have my paint brush out again. The back cabin doors and the galley doors needed their yearly varnish, to help keep the weather out. Today was the second coat. I then got Keith to varnish the Castles on the doors in the back cabin.

I have been busy in the garden again.


Dwarf Beans In.


Carrots and Lettuce In.


Hollyhocks and Delphiniums In.

As you may be aware, I take lots of photographs of the flora and fauna along and around our canals, well I have found a good use for them. BLOG

The Saltisford Arm Trust are using some of them for their information boards.


Sorry not a good photograph due to the sunshine.


The boards not only give information about the wildlife, they also given information about the history of the canal and the arm and all about how locks work.


I am going to carry on with the photographs, so they can change the boards every now and again. Thank you to the trust for using my photographs.

After I had finished sewing the seeds in our garden. I spent a couple of hours weeding the Arms raised beds. I like to do it once a week to keep the weeds at bay. I am not sure I am always winning, but people walking through the Arm like the beds so I must be doing something right.

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