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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Girly night and long day.

Yesterday Tuesday, I went with hubby to the Day Surgery Unit for his Septoplasty operation. He had to be there for 1 pm and he would be second down to theatre. Due to the late time of his operation he was going to be kept in over night. Having done all the usual stuff about name, address, what they were going to be doing etc, he went down to theatre at 3.30 pm and I came home. I rang the hospital at 6.15 pm to find out how his operation went and was told it all went according to plan, no splints were needed and so he only had packing, which was good news. They would keep him in over night and he would be allowed out in the morning, or so I thought. With the news being good, I spent the evening with my neighbour and we had a really girly evening, chatting about anything and everything over a couple of glasses of wine. It was so lovely to be able to chat openly about any and relax after what had been a longish day. I got back to the boat at 11 pm and was so ready for my bed.

4 am came, so did 5.30 am and there I was wide awake, so there was only one thing to do. I got up made myself a cup of tea and then sat in bed watching “Good Morning Britain”. Now we normally watch the BBC 1 news, but I fancied a change and I quite enjoyed ITV3 for the news. By 6.30 am I was up and getting on with the days chores. I put the hoover round, then washed the floors. I got on with a bit of crocheting, because I am doing an order for a customer, so it was an ideal time to start on a pair of cushion covers.

8.30 am I rang the hospital to see what time I had to collect hubby, but the doctors had not seen him yet, so the sister said she would ring me back, but with no phone call by 10 am, I decided I would walk down to the hospital in time for visiting, which was from 11 am to 8 pm. I got there early so had a cup of tea in the cafe before going to the ward for 11 am. Hubby had had a poor night, no sleep and his nose kept bleeding. He told me he managed to turn his pudding Red. They had dressed his nose with a dressing which made him look like he had a huge white mustache, but it did the job of catching the blood until the doctor could see him. Lunchtime came and I went and had lunch down in the restaurant. Keith had some lunch on the ward and we waited for the doctor to come to say he could come home. I checked my phone and I had a voicemail, it was from my neighbour telling me our CO2 alarms were going off, so I rang her back and she came and collected me, so I could find out what was causing the problem. On returning to the boat, I checked everything over after switching the alarms off, but could not find the cause. The only thing I could think of it was very warm inside the boat with it being shut up, so maybe that triggered them. I will probably never find out. With the boat left open to allow air through, my neighbour kindly drove me back to the hospital and we once again waited. But as the day wore into the evening and his dressing seeping with blood, we became aware of the fact that he may not come home and this was confirmed at 4 pm by the sister. The doctor was still supposed to see Keith though after the clinics. I left Keith at 5 pm, because I needed to get back to the boat to feed mog and dog. On returning to the boat, I got on with painting some garden pots, fed the animals and walked the dog. I then went to the laundry to do a wash and as I had not heard from Keith, I rang him to be told he had not seen the doctor, but the bleeding seemed to have stopped.

We will not see what tomorrow brings. It never rains unless it pours for poor Keith.

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