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Wednesday 1 April 2015

A Grand Day Out.

Yesterday friends Chris, Rebecca and son Arran came and found us after they found their digs in Coventry. We sat for a couple of hours nattering and catching up.


This morning they arrived at 9.30 am for a day out on the boat. Because they had never been on a boat before, Keith took them through a few safety things and we then got underway. We arrived at the first of the Cape Locks, where Arran stepped off with me with a spare windlass. I gave him a quick course in how to work the locks and he was well away. Arran is a complete natural, just as well, because they all hope to have a boating holiday, possibly next year.IMG_9645

Down through the locks, it was then a chance for them to take turns in steering. Arran was the first to get some Tiller instruction from Keith and he was then off on his way.


Chris then took over.


It is always the way that you need to meet a boat coming through a bridge ‘ole and in our case we met Dane towing Clara. The sound of Danes Bolinder was a joy and always brings a smile to my face.



Dane and Clara went on their way and we chugged on through the bridge ‘ole. We cruised to near Lidl on the Myton Road, running into Leamington-Spa where we winded at 11 am. The plan was to head back to the Cape of Good Hope for lunch.


Having winded, Keith then handed the tiller over to Rebecca. One thing is certain when they hire, they will know exactly what they are doing.


We were now on our way back and on their way out were Jane and Roger on NB Paneke. They had Winter moored in the Arm. I wished them a good cruising Summer and we will see them later in the year.


We arrived at the Cape Locks and Arran, Chris and I worked the locks. As Keith got into the bottom lock, I saw a boat coming in the distance. It was NB Pilgrim, so we waited and share the locks with them. They were heading into the Arm for a couple of days and it was lovely to see them both again.

We moored the boat in front of The Cape of Good Hope and were soon in the pub ordering a pint. Lunch was very good. The last time we used the pub it was run by someone else, so it was nice to try out the new owners. We can recommend the Fish and Chips. The only thing I did not understand was why they felt the need to put paper under our food on the plates, but we have had that happen before when we have eaten out. Waste of paper and it goes soggy, so you end up eating the paper as well. There was lots of chatter and laughter, before we said “Goodbye” to the pub and head back into the arm, where we did not bother to wind, we just moored straight up for a change.

It was absolutely wonderful to see Chris, Rebecca again and to see Arran now he is grown up and a delightful young man. Hopefully we will see them again, because we have had a wonderful couple of days with them.

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