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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Radford Semele to Welsh Road Lock. Day 2.

Now that we are on the move, the idea is to take it pretty easy. So easy in fact that we lay in bed and watch The Hobbit part 1, before having what I can call a reasonable nights sleep. I was woken up at 5.15 am by someone running past the boat and then a cyclist. I have gotten out of the habit of listening to towpath movements, with us being on a secluded and secure mooring. Wide awake and my shoulders aching, it was time for the first cuppa of the day in bed. Yes we like a bit of luxury and our back cabin bed is just that on a chilly morning.

Once up the boat chores began. Breakfast for us, Mog and Dog. Paddy then got walked. After that I re-lit the back cabin stove and filled the copper kettle so when required we could have coffee on the move.

It was a complete miracle that all but one lock was with us. Usually locks are against us. Sadly we did not have anyone to share the happy event with, but that is nothing unusual for us either. We passed by our friends boat at Fosse Locks and said “Hi to Christine”, who came out to wave and have a quick natter.

We have stopped above Welsh Road Lock for the day.

welsh road lock

I did some hand washing, which is getting blow dried hanging off the hand rail and swan neck. I rigged up a line between the two and hopefully it will get most of the moisture out and it can then finish drying in the engine room later.

Lunch was Chilli with Rice, peas and Tortilla Chips. With the back cabin stove going, I cooked lunch on there and then the kettle went back on for hot water. The stove will now be allowed to go out during the afternoon, so that the cabin is not to hot for bedtime.

Paddy has just come back from his afternoon stroll and is now prostate in the back cabin ready for snooze. Marmite is in the engine room on her makeshift bed looking out of the porthole, so she is in seventh heaven.

Day 2 of our cruise has been short, but very sweet.

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