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Thursday 18 February 2016

Beautiful Winter’s Day.

Hi Folks.

As we all know this Winter has been very strange and not what I think of as a proper Winter. If I could order a proper Winter, it would be Frostie cold days with snow on the ground. But I am a snow lover.


With chilly mornings, there is nothing nicer than stoking up the fires and getting a few jobs done.

My jobs for the day included taking in my trousers and skirts. Why? I hear you ask. Well as some of you may know I was poorly over Christmas and the New Year and because of the illness I lost some weight. It has meant I have dropped a size in clothes, which means my trousers only stay up with the help of a belt and the same goes for my skirts. So I decided rather than buying new clothing, I would actually alter my clothing myself, which is a huge saving money wise. The sewing machine came out and the job was started. It also gave me the opportunity to take up Keith’s trousers properly, because I had had stitched the hem and he keeps catching his foot in the stitching. I was really chuffed with my efforts, this of course means I need to keep the weight off. I have got down to a size 12, which is amazing, because the last time I wore something in a size 12 was back in 1983. Over the years my size went up to a 16/18, but since living on the boats I have managed to get my weight down with losts of lock work and walking. Having the bug over Christmas and New Year which I would not wish on my enemies actually did me a favour, because now being a size 12 is fabulous. I actually celebrated by buying a skirt from a charity shop. Yes I know the last of the big spenders, because it cost me £3.00. I am all for saving money where ever possible.

Sewing all done, it was then time to go out with my camera.


In coming.


Jenny Wren was singing a merry tune.


I am watching you.

Because it was a bright, sunny day, it was a pleasure to be out enjoying it. There is nothing nicer than a Winter’s day.

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