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Friday 29 April 2016

Litherland to Salthouse Dock, Liverpool.

Hi Folks.

Blimey what an eventful night weather wise. I think we had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at us in the early hours. The hail storms were so loud, I thought they were going to come through the roof. Of course I am jesting, but you know what I mean. Both of us were awake early and so there is always only one thing for it and that is to have a cup of tea in bed and listen to the wind and rain howling outside.

The sound of the wind and rain howling outside did not bode well for our jaunt into Liverpool. It occured to us that we did not know how long our pontoon was in the dock, so we rang Vicky (C&RT) to ask if we had a 70ft mooring, it turned out that the pontoon only came up along our boat to the engine room, which was not long enough, for me to get the hosepipe down the boat to fill up the water tank. Vicky very kindly found us another longer pontoon and whilst it was not 70ft it was longer, so we would manage.

We had to be at Stanley Locks for 1 pm, but as we have never done this trip before we decided to make sure we left our mooring early to give ourselves plenty of room time wise in case anything should go wrong. The trip down to the locks was wet and windy.

sanley locks

We moored up and waited for the C&RT guys and whilst we waited, I made us some soup for lunch and a coffee. John turned up with his boat and when the C&RT guys Andrew and Sid arrived we were off.

stanley locks

John was great company and a mind of information on getting into Liverpool and the city itself, because he has been many times. Sid nd Andrew saw us down the four locks and we then were on our own.


We had a very choppy ride, with the wind blowing at 20 mph, but Hadar was more than up to the job in hand.

liver building

It was a special moment when the Liver Building came into view. My first words were wow, wow, wow, because it is stunning. We negotiated our way into the Salthouse Docks and moored up where we were put, which turned out to be next to John.

liverpool mooring

It is really stunning in the dock and I cannot wait to go investigating.

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