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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Time to get busy.

Hello Friends and Followers.

The New Year is now a thing of the past as we countdown to 2019. Yes it will go that quickly.
We are going to have a busy few months, before going out cruising. We are building a railway room in our empty hold. The last time our hold was empty was when she was built in 2007. We have always carried coal, but no more. The plan for our empty hold is to build a model railway, but before we can do that we need to build a room, hence the insulation in the top photograph. We measured not once for several times to find out how much insulation we would need and ordered it online. A couple of days later it arrived.
Did you know that Travis Perkins does not do delivery on insulation?
You do now. We have no idea why they do not deliver, but it was their loss. We have ordered our timber from them though.
In order to get the insulation into the hold we undid the side strings and sheeting strings, so Keith could pass the sheets to me and I then stood them up against the hold.
We completed the installation of the insulation in just a few hours and so now we wait for the timber to arrive. We have decided to do the building of the room in two stages. Stage one will be the hull and stage two the roof.
You can follow the big build on the Railway Blog.
The past few days have been rather busy, what with the room building, having an early Spring clean and getting personal stuff done.
With the New Year comes getting ones life in order, so I have had my hair trimmed and I have an opticians appointment booked. I suppose the third thing will be seeing the GP, but I will put that off until I absolutely have too. Normally I go to the hairdressers and he takes off the very ends of my long hair, but this time I was so brave and let him cut off all of half an inch. I have not made any new years resolutions, but my goal this year is to not cut my fringe. I am aiming to let it grow out again. I am a naughty girl, because I let my fringe out and then for some stupid reason I end up cutting it back in again. My goal is to be a good girl and leave it well alone. If you see me with a pair of scissors, take them off me, because I may just be about to cut my fringe back in. Fringes are a pain in the butt really. It is fine in the Winter, but in the Summer, I always end up with sticky fringe and that is not a good look. So no more fringe. I was told by someone last year that I look to severe without a fringe, so I cut it in again. Well I am taking no notice about being severe. I am going fringeless. As for my optician appointment, I have glasses for close up work, but I am finding my long vision is struggling. This is mainly due to I need a prism in my glasses for my right eye, which struggles to find the light. Yeah I know sounds odd, well apparently this should have been spotted when I was a child, but it was not. I only started wearing glasses in my forties and even then Specsavers did not pick up that I needed a prism for my right eye, despite me telling them my problem of seeing double or things crossing over. Anyway since having our home mooring, I have changed to Vision Express and when I explained to the optician, she knew exactly what my problem was and hey presto I can now see properly. Why did no one spot it before, which meant I thought I was going mad? Anyway I am off to the opticians this coming week, to see what I need to do next.

It is Sunday 7th January now and like on most Sundays there is a lot of jobs to be done. Due to -4C temperatures overnight, I relit the back cabin stove and made up the saloon stove. I then had the disposable nappies to change under the back cabin floor and under the galley floor. In case you are new to my blog, every Winter I put down disposable nappies under the floor, so they can soak up any condensation. I usually change them every couple of weeks during the Winter and it works like a dream. Nappies changed, rubbish gathered and a cassette which needed emptying, made its way to the rubbish room. Whilst I was busy doing all of that, Keith was sorting out the electrics for the Railway room. 10 am time for coffee and a chat about what we need to do next. Lunch was put on the stove to warm through, we would be having the leftovers of yesterday's curry. Keith got back to his electrics and I pottled away at boat chores.
After lunch I had thought I may go out into the garden, but with it still be very cold and the ground like concrete, there seemed little point and it is Sunday after all, so the afternoon was to be spent watching films. This girl knows how to have a good time.
Tonight we want to watch 'The biggest little railway in the world' on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Pop back soon x

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