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Thursday 22 March 2018

Day 3. A smelly affair.

Hiya Friends and Followers.

So here we are day 3 already and there is never a dull moment when it comes to us being out cruising.
Last night we spent the evening with our good friend Jacky. It was Curry in a box and a bottle of Wine night, which suited us just fine. After a fabulous evening, we went home and were soon off to bed, where I slept like a contented baby. I woke at 6.45 am, so there was only one thing for it and that was to make a cuppa. The first brew of the day should always be enjoyed in bed beneath a snuggly duvet. All good things have to come to an end and it was time to get up and moving. Paddy was on the shuffle and Marmite made an appearance to tell us she needed food. Before breakfast Paddy got his walk as always. His strolls get shorter and shorter these days. He does what is required and then wants to go home. All the usual morning stuff done, it was time to fire the old girl up (the engine) and head off up the cut, but not before we said "Cheerio" to Jacky. We will hopefully see her on our return journey, which is some months away. Hugs and "Goodbyes" done, we were in the top lock.
After the one lock of the day we wanted to stop at Swallow Cruisers. I got us through the first lift bridge and we were then moored up taking on diesel, whilst having a good old natter to the gentleman on duty and a couple of C&RT employees who had come to get diesel.
We took on 200 litres in all to top out 600 litre tanks up. At Swallow Cruisers it is 8- a litre at the moment. We said "Goodbye" and set off for lift bridge number 2. Having gone through there, I went down into the engine room and was struck by the pungent smell of diesel, which was extremely strong. I then noticed there was liquid in the bilge beneath the engine and that was the diesel. Somehow we had sprung a leak. There was nothing for it, but to stop and find out what the problem was. We took all the shelving out and low and behold the pipe to the diesel tank had come adrift. With a lot of pushing, prodding, huffing and puffing we managed to sort it all out. We then had the little matter of the diesel sloshing around in the bilge. There was nothing for it, but to get it out, so there I was with a bucket and a beaker emptying the bilge of as much diesel as possible. In all we lost about 30 litres, which is disappointing, but it could have been worse. because there was still some diesel moving around, I put down some disposable nappies to soak it all up. Those were removed later on, because they were soaked with diesel.
Caroline and Ray passed us as we were sorting the diesel out, but we caught them up at the Shirley lift bridge.
Caroline very kindly did the bridge for us and we were soon on our way again.
King Norton Junction beckoned.
After a smelly and long day we finally arrived in Birmingham at 5.25pm and moored up. A much needed shower was required, but I have a feeling I will be smelling of diesel for quite some time.

Pop back soon xx

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