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Thursday 1 November 2018

Brand new month.

Hello friends and followers.

Here we are, November is upon us. I always class this as the downward spiral to Christmas and a brand new year. I do however ask myself, where 2018 has gone. This year has absolutely flown by and I guess that is because we had so much fun.
Since being home, we have been sorting things out on the boat. Today I took down the curtains in the back cabin, because they need washing and putting away for the winter. I will turn my attention to the blankets as well. We have begun to sort out appointments. Coming up for me is the GP and dentist. I need to get my  Costochondritis medication sorted out, as I have a medication review, which should have been done last year. I also need my hernia medication sorting out as well. It feels like I am falling apart, but I am not, I am just getting older and with it comes ailments, which to be honest I can do without. I do however count myself lucky, as I know there are others out there who are far worse off than myself.
Today I spent the morning, cleaning and tidying the boat, whilst Keith went shopping. The stove flues got a clean, which will be done at the beginning of each month, whilst the stoves are lit. After Keith had come home with the food shop, I put that away, then made us some lunch, which was homemade Lamb and Veggie soup. Most of the afternoon was spent at the bank trying to sort out why I cannot do an online savings account. I was however pleased that it was not just my inability to do things online which had caused so much trouble, because the gentleman at the bank could not set it up for me either. There seems to be an issue with their side, so he set something else up for me instead and fingers are crossed that it should all work. This had been doing on for a couple of months, starting with me proving who I am. Living on a boat, means we do not have household bills. I do not have a passport and gave up my provisional driving licence sometime ago, which means it is hard to prove I am who I am. I decided that I would go for my provisional driving licence again, which took weeks to arrive and I used a letter from HMRC and hoped they would accept this as proof of who I am and where I live. Thankfully it did the trick, but blimey I had to jump through so many damn hoops. This was despite the fact that I have been with the same bank for 17 years. I know you could not write about it, could you. I am just pleased it is now all sorted out. Having spent my afternoon in the bank, I did very little for the rest of the day, because the light is fading fast now.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get out in the garden.

Pop back soon xx

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