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Tuesday 6 November 2018

There am I.

Hi friends and family.

It was a while ago when I was moaning about the fact that for some shops Christmas arrives in August/September and there am I ordering a new Christmas tree and Baubles in November. I personally think nothing about Christmas should start until December 1st. But as we always put our decorations up on December 1st, I had to order a new tree, because our old one has had its day. This morning our new 3ft tree arrived. There is a slight issue, that it will not stand up on its base, but I will find a solution to the problem nearer the time. We only paid £11 for the tree, so I was not expecting to much. I will not spend a fortune on something that only gets used for a few days at the end of a year. The tree is actually lovely. It will look fabulous with the decorations on it. I have ordered new Baubles from Wilko, because I know darn well if I leave it till the last minute, I will not get the ones I want.
The Baubles we have are elderly and some are even broken, so I think it is time we updated them and added something new to the tree. Next I need to buy some new lights. It sounds like I am already in the Christmas spirit, I'm not I just like to be organised.
The past couple of days, I have spent time in the garden, pruning and cutting back ready for the Winter. I still need to cut the hedge, but I need to be in the right frame of mind to be attacked by brambles and I am not there yet.
I have been busy also with making myself a nice cosy scarf with a woggle. I was taught the block crochet pattern by my good friend Sue and decided to make something for the Winter. I used sock wool, which is 4 ply and I love it. The colours are very Autumnal don't you think?

I completed blanket number Nine for The Border Collie Trust GB. All the blankets I make are made from donated wool. I will be starting blanket number Ten shortly. I am not one for sitting around doing nothing, so making blankets keeps me nice and busy, when I cannot do anything outside. As the nights draw in, the time spent in the garden is becoming less and less.
Paddy news. He has an appointment at the vets next week for his vaccinations and a health check. We are still having problems with him and so we need to discuss with the vet where we go next with him. He is still leaving puddles and not eating properly. I am trying not to think of the worst case ending, but with him being almost Fifteen years old, we know that day is drawing closer. Anyway we will see what the vet thinks.

Pop back soon xx

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