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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Back in Stone.

Roger Fullers

Hi Folks.

No early morning alarm call or mist rolling a long the cut, because this morning we were up at a more civilised hour, actually civilised for us as it was 6.45am when I woke up and suggested I make us a cup of tea. Whilst lounging in bed, we chatted through the days jobs and before I knew it, it was time to get up and walk the hound, who was actually still snoozing. Marmite was up, only because her biscuit dish was empty. When ever we are in Stone, Paddy knows exactly which way to go for his morning stroll, so he was off like a Whippet along the towpath, towards his favourite area. It is a shame to see that some of the boats moored on the 5 days moorings were the same boats which were moored there when we came up in May. Either the patrol officer is not around here very much, or these people think they can just stay put for weeks on end. Someone needs to tell them to read their terms and conditions of their licence.

I enjoy coming back to Stone. We spent three years here on and off whilst our boat was being built, the rest of the time we spent cruising the system. Roger Fuller very kindly allowed us to moor in his basin whilst Hadar was being built. There is a full build history on her blog. It always feels like coming home when we come to Stone. It gives us the chance to catch up with the many friends we made in those three years and Stone as a town has a lovely feel to it as well as having lots and lots of charity shops.

After walking Pad and breakfast, I rubbed down the day tank and header tanks and gave them yet another coat of Union Canal Green gloss, I am sincerely hoping this will be the last coat, because the header tanks have had four coats now arghhhh. For some strange reason the Rylard paint is not covering as well as the International does, so I think we may change to a dark green International paint next time. I then sat down with a coffee and my laptop to check e-mails etc, when Keith suggested we walk into town, this meant I could get a new battery for my new watch (I thought it had died). So we set off down the towpath to the town, taking in the changes since we were last here. The town has actually changed very little, some of the buildings have had paintwork updated, one of the cafe's has closed, but all the charity shops are still there, although they have gone very up market, making them expensive, which is not good news. I took my watch into Plants to have a new battery fitted, only to be told that it was not the battery that was the problem, so I have had to send the watch back to the company that made it. To say I am cross is an understatement, because I have had it less than a month. I have taken it to the post office to return it to the makers and had to include a cheque for £4.95 for postage and insurance, it then cost me a further £5.45 to spend it special delivery, so this watch is beginning to cost me more money than It should grrrr. I only hope they will either fix it or send me another one.

Back at the boat, I made us some lunch and opened the boat up to allow the paintwork to dry. Both Paddy and Marmite are in their beds snoozing, which is what I feel like doing right now, but there is always something to do on a boat, so I am sure I will find myself a job. At 1.50pm I made my way with my trolley, boxes and bags to the bridge at Whitebridge Industrial Est to wait for my Tesco food delivery. Now normally I would receive a text telling me which hour it will be delivered in, but not today, so there I was standing on the bridge waiting and waiting, getting some very strange looks from passers-by. 2pm became 3pm and woo hoo my phone rang and a gentleman from Tesco told me he was five minutes away. When he arrived I actually waved to him from one bridge to the other. Boxes and bags filled and the trolley loaded, I pushed it back to the boat, where Keith was waiting at the galley doors to take the boxes from me. I then had the job to stow it all away. I reckon we now have enough food and milk on board to keep us going until we are back at Foxton for the festival. The cupboards, fridge and freezer are full to bursting point.

I am now sat watching "Goldfinger", ohhhhhhhh Sean Connery what a dish then and now. Tonight X-Factor begins again yayyyyyy. I am looking forward to seeing how the new judges get along.

Chat soon xx

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