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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Huddlesford to Polesworth.

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Hi Folks.

Huddlesford to Polesworth, 11.6 miles 2locks in 5 hours, 15 mins.

The alarm clock sprang into life at 5am, but I was not that eager to crawl out of bed this morning, I have no idea why, just wanted to snuggle up and stay put for a bit longer, but with an early move planned, there was no time for snuggles, so I had to wrestle myself out of bed. All dressed and breakfast eaten it was time for Paddy's walk. We crept past the moored boats in semi-darkness. The radio mast at Lichfield was lit up like a Christmas tree, with its red lights. A lone Buzzard was calling above the noise of the motorway traffic and the railway, then other birds began to join as dawn was in full swing. I did think perhaps they are saying to each other " Good morning, nice morning for the middle of August".

With the boat all prepared for the off, I just stood on the back counter and listened to a new morning unfold. The Buzzard was still calling in the distance and the traffic was roaring along the motorway, it made me think just how lucky I am to be living the life I do.


Having left the mooring, we cruised past the entrance to the Wyrley and Essington Canal, we did try and walk it yesterday, but could not get down on to the canal, so gave up after walking a long the main road.


With the sun coming up, the mist began rolling a long the cut. It was very atmospheric.


There was not a breath of wind, so we saw some stunning reflections on the water of the cut.


There was plenty of wildlife about, which included flocks of Canada Geese on route to the feeding grounds for the day.


For some of them the stopping point was in front of our boat as we moved towards Fazeley Junction.



We stopped at Peels Wharf to take on water and to empty the toilet cassette. The hosepipe began to leak, first one hole appeared then a second hole appeared, so we cut the bad piece off the hose put it back together and began filling the water tank again, and yet another hole appeared, something tells me this hosepipe will be heading for the bin very soon.


We headed off past Fazeley Junction on to the Coventry Canal and up through Glascote Locks with two boats behind us and one boats waiting to come down the pair. Boats were beginning to move now.


It was not long before we were passing The Samuel Barlow at Alvecote.


After The Samuel Barlow, we passed the remains of the Alvecote Priory, looking spendid in the sunshine.


Destination Polesworth almost achieved, my stomach was thinking of lunch, even though we had tucked into the biscuit box and had coffee a couple of times on route. The moorings at Polesworth were a little full, but we have squeezed in on the end for now, if a boat moves off we will move backwards on to the moorings properly.

Chat later xx

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  1. Some really beautiful early morning pictures - best time of the day, so peaceful and serene.


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