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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wheaton Aston to "The Wharf Inn", Goldstone.

Hi Folks.

Before I ramble on, I am sorry there are no photographs. I have a dreadful GPRS signal, which is not allowing me to upload them at the moment, so you will just have to put up with the written word.

Ok where has the summer gone?

I was so tempted to light the stove today it was so cold. This is August isn’t it if I did not know better I would think we were in October. I was so cold I put on a jumper and my donkey jacket.

We left Wheaton Aston at 6am as planned, destination was un-sure it all depended on how we got on.

The sun was coming up, as we passed field after field waiting to be harvested. From Wheaton Aston to almost Market Drayton, it is a 17 mile pound, so there were no locks to do for me today.

The most noticeable thing about this stretch, are the embankments and cuttings, both impressive. In the cuttings you cannot help but notice how the trees cling on for dear life to the sides. On the embankment we had fantastic views across the valley, which is unspoilt by housing estates and industry.

Cowley Tunnel all 81 yards has been bored through the Red Sand Stone, with the tunnel there is yet another cutting. At Gnosall we saw our first moving boat. I was surprised how many visitor moorings, there is plenty of room to moor on ringed moorings, so we will make sure we stop there next year when we come this way. The view on Shelmore Embankment was very pretty as the canal skirted around Shelmore Wood towards Norbury Junction. We noticed a few historic boats moored up, these included Thea, Stamford and Towy, on the water point Keith spotted Gerald No13 which belongs to our good friend Roy and his Whippet Thomas. We got to have a quick chat with Roy as we passed and look forward to seeing him again in the winter on the Leicester Line. Also at Norbury Junction were Colin and Tina on NB Go For It and Peter on Blackberry Way. Just after Norbury Junction, the canal winds its way into and out of Grub Cutting, where High Bridge with its telegraph pole in the bridge o’le can be seen.

I reckon this bridge has been photographed thousands of times. The canal winds its way into and out of Grub Cutting, then onward to the Shebdon Embankment.

At the end of the embankment is what used to be a large chocolate factory, it now only produces dried milk, but in its heyday it used to have chocolate delivered to and from Bournville. Continuing north, we were still having picturesque glimpses of the Wrekin some 15 miles south west of us. We then to the decision to stop at Goldstone Wharf for the day, because we would then be into a very narrow cutting where it is difficult to pass, so that would be for another early morning start tomorrow.

As the afternoon wore on, boats came and went from the moorings, then from under Goldstone Bridge appeared a bow we knew, it was Tina and Colin on NB Go For It, they were stopping so I put the kettle on for a cuppa, which we enjoyed whilst sitting outside. We nattered about all things boaty and all things not, which included the rioting going on all over the country it seems. I feel so very sorry for those who have lost their homes and businesses, it seems this country has lost the plot.

Take care out there and stay safe, chat soon xx

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