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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wolverley to Prestwood Bridge.

Map image

Hi Folks.

5am and my mobile phone alarm sprung into life, with the dulcet tones of "Hey Sexy Lady" blaring out. Not that I feel very sexy at 5am in the morning. I turned it off and waited for the alarm clock on the wall by Keith to go off, which then meant it was time to crawl out of bed.  So an early start this morning, as we set off at 6:00am, crawling past Evelyn and Graham's so that we hopefully did not wake them up.


This will be the first of many early starts until the end of the school holidays in September. We like to get ahead of the game when there are so many boats cruising during the holidays.


Joy of  joy this morning the  locks were empty to begin with woo hoooo, someone is definitely smiling down on us at the moment and long may it last.


By the time we reached Kinver we had only seen one boat on the move at 7.50am, but as we pulled beside Kinver Lock, I noticed we had a boat ahead of us. They had pulled in for some reason but friends of there's were in front of us as we reached Hyde Lock, so we were the meat in a boaters sandwich for a while.

Just before Dunsley Tunnel we met NB Bass coming towards us with Jenny and Mick onboard with their dogs, the last time we saw them was at the Etruria Festival early in the year. We had a quick chat in passing, hopefully we will see them again soon when we can have a better natter.

We did almost get stuck in Dunsley tunnel, it really does need dredging.


It may only be 25 yards long, but it almost had us in its grip for a while.


We came up through Stewponey Lock and decided that we would probably moor up in the first shady place we came across that was deep enough for us to get into. A 4 hour cruise brought us to Prestwood Bridge No.34. There is a ringed mooring here, and as can be seen in the satellite picture above dense tree on the east bank, and a line of polar trees on the east bank and south of us. We should be nicely sheltered from the sun here today, especially as it is going to be Scorchio!

We were just mooring up when I saw a bow of a boat coming through the bridge 'ole and immediately recognised it as Steve Woods NB Bream. Steve was on his way to Kinver, we had a quick catch-up as you do when one of you is on the move. Again the last time we saw Steve was at the Etruria Festival.

I have already cooked tonight's dinner, well when I say dinner I mean the Kebabs we will have with a salad, I also made some small cakes because my cake box is empty.

Not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but at least we are shaded from the sun a bit, so Marmite and Paddy should have a comfortable day. Paddy is sleeping in Marmite's bed and Marmite is outside, so all is well in my world at the moment.

Chat soon xx

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