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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

If you go into the woods.


After lunch, Keith and I took a stroll up to All Saint's Church in Church Lawton. The church was founded around the end of the 11th century, probably by Hugh de Mara, Lord of Lawton. It stands on a mount and when you look at it, it looks rather strange with it different coloured stone and brick walls. But when you find out the history, you understand why it looks odd. The body of the church was destroyed by fire in 1798 and rebuilt by 1803. Following the fire of 1798 the body of the church was rebuilt in brick in neoclassical style, so it explains the different styles. Lawton Church is justly proud of its peal of eight bells which are still in full use. This was the first church we visited whilst out on our other boat during 2005. I have learnt a lot about local villages, people, etc. from their churchyards, and especially the people who used to live there in times past.


We found this interesting gravestone in the churchyard.

It has the following inscription:-

15TH OF JUNE A.D.1846;

He was an Assistant Surveyor to the
Trent and Mersey Company.
As a record of his Zeal in the
discharge of his duties, the
Company have raised this Stone.

Some further investigation I think is necessary.

Then we followed a foot path behind the church and came across Lawton Hall, ancestral home of the Lawton Family, some of whom are buried in the churchyard.


And further along the path we came across Lawton Pool, a manmade lake created by a dam across the valley, the foot path becomes a track across the dam.


It was stunning in the sunshine.

On the other side of the pool we noticed these remains tucked away in the trees, anyone know what it might have been? It is the only part of the building still standing, the rest is the piles of bricks strewn in front of it.SAM_0312


On the other side of this wall was this cross built in to it.


We have no idea what it is. I thought maybe it could have been a Dove Cote, but it was certainly for storing something.

It is surprising what little gems can be found so close to the canals. We had a really pleasant walk there and back, and I am still not tired, but I bet that will change after dinner.

We are off early again tomorrow.

Chat soon xx

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