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Monday, 22 August 2011

Shugborough Hall.

Hi Folks.

After our lunch, we took a stroll to Shugborough Hall. The house is now owned by the National Trust, it previously belonged to the Earls of Lichfield, the Anson family. The estate was gifted to the National Trust by the Anson family in 1960 in lieu of death duties


The family stayed in the private apartments in the house until April 2010. But following the death of Patrick Lichfield on 11 November 2005 the private apartments were opened to the public in March 2011. It is a stunning place to visit. We did not pay to go around the house or gardens we just walked around the estate part which is free. Our walk took us to the Walled Garden, which we like to see when we are in Great Haywood. When we first visited it, they had just opened it up, so there was nothing growing in there, but it is very different now.


It had been derelict until 2006, when they began to restore it. Pigs were introduced to the land to clear it, because it was so over grown. The walled garden was designed by the famed architect Samual Wyatt.


Whilst there I purchased some Potatoes and some French Beans grown in the garden. We got chatting to one of the gardeners, who told us that it is hoped that they will be able to restore the glass houses.


They are trying to gain major funding so they can continue the restoration of the gardens, glasshouses and buildings to their former glory. It is already beautiful, but if they do manage to finish it, I can see it being fantastic. We always love going there. There is also a Blacksmiths in the garden but it was not working today.

On the way back I could not resist taking this photo of a rather sleepy sheep.


Despite the shortage of water at the moment, the river Sow and Trent were flowing nicely through the grounds of the Hall.

By the boat we have our very own bird table.


Someone has obviously made it and left it here for people to use, so I put the remainder of my bird seed on it, so we will see what comes to the table as the afternoon wears into evening. After getting back from the hall, I went out with my camera, I strolled up hill and down dale but it was slim pickings, mainly due to the fact that there were to many people about, the bird life was in hiding. I have put a few photos on Flora and Fauna. I could hear a Buzzard chick calling, but I could not see it which was a shame. My feet began to tell me to stop, so I called it a day with the camera. I actually think my feet were still recovering from me wearing heels last night to go to the Thai restaurant last night, I do not get to wear heels very often.

I have had a lovely day one way or another, dinner is cooking, we are going to enjoy some of the Potatoes and French Beans I bought at the Walled Garden with cold meat I think, then it will be an early night, because we are off early in the morning. Rain is expected so it could be a soggy cruise tomorrow.

Chat soon xx

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