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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What have I been telling you ????

Hi Folks.

Finally there is some publicity about the lack of water. Ok so it is in a local paper but it is a start.

I can see this section being closed down for the winter to hold on to the little drop of water they have left if there is no rain and lots of it soon.


  1. Hi Joe, I am a little more cynical about our shortage of water resources. I don't dispute that we are short of the stuff, with a dryer climate, this is fact. But, as a country we have had a complete lack of recognition for the problem over many years. Not only have we not invested in new infrastructure that would rectify it, but we have closed down many smaller reservoirs and storage facilities that our predecessors relied on, both for drinking water and supplying waterways. This fact has not been well publicised, the powers that be relying on us buying their story on the sole reason being dryer climate. This problem has now been ongoing for years, and I remember the summer of 1976, when standpipes were installed throughout the country. In fact, here is a national newspaper article about the very same problem, that appeared in 2006. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2006/feb/03/water.g2 As a country, we have less available drinking water available per person, than many arid countries of the world. Something that successive governments should not be proud of. Sorry for the rant, regards, Peter.

  2. Hi Peter and Margaret. Peter rant away because I know exactly where you are coming from and I like you remember 1976, I was only a teenager, but I still recall the water problems we had on the farm. This country always waits till things are critical before doing anything about it and I dare say it will be the same for this issue.
    Not only are the governments at fault, boaters and BW also have to take some responsibility for this problem as well, because so many boaters waste water, by not sharing locks, leaving paddles up etc, etc and despite the fact that there are restriction notices everywhere, boaters are not reading them and do not understand why they are being told they cannot proceed as normal. The incident at Watford Locks the other day showed just how out of tune some people are. I sincerely hope that the waterways do not get shut down altogether, but I will understand if they do. Of course for those of us who live and work on the waterways this would resent problems, but hey ho we will get on with it. Whooppss I think I have just joined you in a rant. Regards Jo


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