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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Yelvertoft to Sparford Bridge No.41, near Welford Junction.

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Hi Folks.

Yelvertoft to Sparford Bridge No. 41 near Welford Junction. 8 miles in 2 hrs 55 mins.


After a chilly night in a warm boat, I slept like a log and woke up full of va va voom. After an early morning cuppa and discussions on what to do next, we decided that we would move today towards Foxton.


Before leaving we spoke to Brian and Shirley and said we would see them again at some point, which will probably be after the Foxton Festival on the 17th and 18th September.

With the strict restrictions in place at Foxton Locks, it was a very A very quiet, but pleasant run this morning, we saw 6 other boats on the move, 3 private ones and 3 hire boats. There was a couple of spots we could have moored, but they were already taken up by boats, which never seem to leave the Leicester Line. IMG_5406

Now which do you think came first the barn or the bales of straw???? The barn is new because it was not there when we left the line in May, but it does look as if they have trying to build the barn around the bales.

We have moored near Sparford Bridge No.41 as there was no one there, hopefully we should have a nice quiet mooring here just for a change, rather than at Welford Junction, which is just round the corner. The lovely thing about where we are moored is the towpath here is wider than at the junction, so Marmite is already running around outside and enjoying the freedom. Paddy is on the back counter and feeling a little sorry for himself, because he has thrown up twice this morning, so not sure what is wrong with him, but he will not get fed for the rest of the day and I will keep an eye on him. Usually when he is poorly it is because he has eaten something which has upset his delicate stomach.

Whilst typing this, I am sat eating Sausage and Onion sandwiches, which were cooked in the back cabin stove and taste mmmmm. It is a little dull outside, so maybe we will get some rain. If we don't then I will be going out with my camera.

Chat soon xx

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