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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Crick to Yelvertoft.

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Hi Folks.

Crick to Yelvertoft 1.8 miles in 1 hr 20 mins.

With the Bank Holiday weekend at Crick over, it was time to move on, so after enjoying a cuppa in bed whilst watching the TV, we were up, but at our leisure. Paddy got his walk after I ate my breakfast and then on my return to the boat Paddy and Marmite got fed. Keith took the rubbish to the bins and I then strolled up to the post office to pick up some stamps, post a birthday card and to get some bread, which should see us through until our next Tesco delivery. I made us both a coffee, before we slipped our mooring to head for Yelvertoft. The canal seemed very quiet this morning after a busy old weekend with boats on the move from the marina's. On our approach to Yelvertoft, we first pulled into the water point to top up the water tank, because I had done a couple of washes over the weekend and even though I know we can go two weeks, if we see a water tap which is empty we tend to top the tank up. As we were about to leave the water point another boat pulled in to use it. The gentleman on board commented "Where is the sun, after 3 days rain we need some sun". Keith replied "No we do not, we need the rain, otherwise we will not be moving anywhere". I think the couple them took the hump, because we did not get another word out of them. I am sorry to say that people just do not have a clue, with the water situation, just because they can move in and out of their marina they think that everything is hunky dory. Well it is not and I will repeat myself again and again.


Naseby Reservior like a beach.

We need rain and lots of it, to refill the reservoirs, otherwise next year we will see canals close then those moored in marinas who only come out on sunny days and holidays, will find themselves going no where, but still complaining that they have to pay their mooring fees and licence. STOP MOANING ABOUT THE RAIN. 6

Watford Locks pound.

We left them to take on water and we carried on to look for a moorings, as we approached the visitor moorings we noticed Brian & Shirley on nb “Golden Valley were moored here, and there was room for us to moor too whoooo hooo its a miracle, so we pulled in and moored up, and had a quick chat with them to catch up on their news. We have never moored at Yelvertoft before, because normally the moorings are full, so I plan to make the most of this opportunity. The bonus is we have a 3G signal here as well, so I can play on the computer more deep joy.

Chat soon xx

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