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Friday, 12 August 2011

Market Drayton to Coole Pilate Leisure Area.

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Hi Folks.

Another 5am wake up call from my mobile phone, after what was a lovely nights sleep. After all the usual morning jobs, which of course included walking Paddy, we were ready for the off at 5.55am. We crept past the moored boats. That is the one thing about the Shroppie, there are a lot of boats moored especially on the offside, and these are usually farm moorings, where the farmer has seen a way to make money through selling private moorings, which is fantastic as it brings in another income for the struggling farmer, but it does mean we spend a lot of time on tick over.

As we left Market Drayton it began to drizzle.


I waved goodbye to the Pill Box by Newcastle Road Bridge, which is Grade 2 listed.

Did you know, there were over 18,000 pillboxes were constructed across the British Isles to resist the planned German Invasion of World War II?


After leaving Market Drayton and all the wharfs we were back in peaceful isolation, which at 6am is so wonderful. Unfortunately someone beat us to the top lock at Adderley and we had all five locks against us, but hey ho that is life. Because the locks are close together, I would be walking a lot today to work the locks. This is my open air gym and I love it.IMG_4924

At Adderley Wharf there is now a farm shop in one of the lock keeper buildings selling, meat and produce. It was way to early for them to be open so they missed our custom. Fortunately by the time we arrived at top lock Audlem there were boats coming up so this helped us to get down the 15 locks. We passed the Shroppie Fly, with a view to going in there next year.


That is Keith's finger in the photo lol.

At the bottom lock we met George  who has a veg patch beside the lock, and uses the old lock hut as a shop. He retails as George’s Pork and Poultry. He is on my list now to buy meat for the freezer next year when we come through.


I bought some onions and lemon's from him, so I could be baking a lemon drizzle cake for the weekend, along with apple pie with the apples we bought at lock 8 of the Audlem flight. We do like to support people like this, who after all are trying to provide a service for boaters, good on them. But I do wonder if everyone does put the money in the honesty box at lock 8? We did, but I know there are less than honest people around, especially these days. I know if it was me I wouldn’t trust anyone. Locks all done and dusted and my shoe leather worn down a little more, I was then able to hitch a ride.


We passed the 5 mile sign for Nantwich, and our thoughts turned to finding a moorings for the weekend. We then passed through an old bridge o'le where some local farmers cows were perch precariously on the edge.


I would have thought a fence would be a good idea along the edge otherwise one of these days a cow is going to fall in.

We have moored up at Coole Pilate Leisure Area between bridge 83 & 84, a 48 hour mooring with a wider towpath area, with benches and stands for BBQ’s all provided for boaters by the Shropshire Union Canal Society. All this and a great view of the countryside across the canal, who could want more?

Paddy is in Marmite's basket (daft dog). Marmite is outside enjoying the view. I wonder how quiet this mooring will be what with the OverWater Marina just a little further back. I can see that this is a mooring place where those moored in the marina come out to for the weekend, so glad we have secured our place. Only time will tell how busy it will be.

Right time to go and make some lunch, my stomach is rumbling, so we may just have to have some Bacon Sandwiches.

Chat soon xx

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