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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A stroll around Polesworth.


Saw this and giggled.

After lunch Keith and I strolled into Polesworth, because it is a place we have never visited before. It is a nice little village with all the things a boater needs, such as butcher, food stores, hair dressers, post office etc etc.


The village has a wide and varied history, with some interesting building, such as this one which used to be the police station, hence the blue light over the door.


Gate House to the Abbey.

The Gate House was probably built in the 14th century and is very pretty. It is a Grade II listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.


Keith found the Hobbits doorway.


Polesworth Abbey was a Benedictine nunnery. It was founded in the 9th century by St. Modwena and King Egbert. The first abbess was Edgytha (daughter of King Egbert, now St. Editha). Whilst we walked around the Abbey grounds, we saw that there was some excavations going on. We found out that the dig is to last five weeks and started on Monday 8th August, it  is supported financially by a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund. This year one large area to the west of the present vicarage will be excavated, together with five smaller areas including the Mound in the Churchyard. They are trying to find other parts of the Abbey.


Two years ago they revealed extensive remains of the medieval Abbey including the cloistral areas and the outer precinct.  Also the Elizabethan manor house and gardens and subsequent developments on the site, which is very exciting. All's they needed was the Time team there with their camera's.

As you may be aware I love to look around church yards and today was no different.


I spotted this headstone, which made me feel very sad for the family because all three brothers lost their lives in the First World War.

Lieut Harold Belfit Hill. Was killed in a flying accident on the 6th September 1918. After a bit of research I found out that he was in fact an instructor at Montrose and it was his pupil who crashed the plane, apparently only from 100 feet. Harold lost his life, but his pupil 2Lt E B Mathews survived the crash.

Lieut Arthur Moberly Hill, was killed in the Battle of Arras 9th April 1917. Age 22.

Lieut William Reginald Hill, was with the Durham Light Infantry and died in a prisoner of war camp in Germany on the 6th November 1918, which is so sad because the war was so close to ending. Such a tragic few years for their parents William and Katherine.

We should never ever forget the sacrifices these and all the brave men and women made and are still making for us, so that we can be free. On that note did anyone else watch the program last night with Prince Harry and the injured servicemen walking to the North Pole? I thought it was a brilliant program and I hope to watch part 2 tonight.

After a lovely stroll, I invested in a few birthday cards at on of the shops and a couple of ice creams, which were much needed because it got hot for a while. Back at the boat, we put out the chairs and I got on with knitting some more dishcloths, whilst Keith did his crossword.

Time for me to think about tonight's dinner, so I will say cheerio for now xx.


  1. hi jo

    this blog made interesting reading...although not originally from Polesworth I moved here about 12 years ago....having married a local....i go to the remembrance service every year and listen as they read out all of the names on the memorial....it was a lovely sunny day today....and i did wonder about the three Hill brothers ....so tonight I googled to find out about them...and up came this ....so thank you....keep it up..cheers


  2. Hi Paul. Your welcome. I find it all very interesting.


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