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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lunch at The Lock Inn.

Hi Folks.

No movement today, but this did not stop either of us being awake at the crack of dawn. So the kettle went on and the chit chat began about all sorts and everything. By the time we had finished our morning cuppa, it was then time to crawl out of bed and begin the days performance.

Paddy got walked up the towpath on what was a dull start to the day. A Robin was singing in the trees lining the canal and a Magpie was creating about something, but as I could not see the bird I could not see what its problem was.

Back on the boat Keith was cooking Mushrooms on Toast for our breakfast, which were as always very nice. Any food cooked always tastes better when you have not had to cook it. Of course I still had to do the washing up.

We were expecting visitors at lunchtime, so Keith and I both made an effort to tidy up inside the boat, which did not take long because we have such a small living space. I raked up Paddy's hair which was tumbling down the galley floor in the breeze, whilst Marmite watched on from her bed in the engine room. For some odd reason, she was not in a good mood, and was making no effort to get out of her bed, so we left her to sulk.

Lunchtime came and our friends Evelyn and Graham from Lockside Antiques arrived clutching a couple of boxes, one which held our Measham teapot which Graham had very kindly restore for us and another item which I will post about at a later date when it is properly installed on the boat. Evelyn and Graham deal a lot in Measham, Ribbon and Lace Plates and Brass ware, so if your looking for something special for your boat they are the people to contact.


We stood and had a char before we set off to The Lock Inn only a few feet away from the boat for some lunch.

Lock Inn

The Banks beer was very nice as was the Ham, Egg and Chips, the only downside was it took almost an hour to arrive. Keith had gone to ask how much longer lunch would be as we had been told 20 minutes, when a young woman arrived with our food. Just as well we were in no hurry. Now they were not particularly busy, so I dread to think how long you could have to wait for food when they are packed out. On saying that the food was very, very nice and a good price. Evelyn and Graham were wonderful company and it was our pleasure to buy them lunch.

After our lovely lunch, Evelyn and Graham said their goodbyes and headed off home just up the road from us and Keith went to the Old Smithy's to buy us an Ice Cream.

The canal has been busy again today, with hire boats etc and we now have boats moored in front and behind us, so I hope we have quiet neighbours, because we will be off to bed early tonight, as we will set off at 6am in the morning to avoid the traffic, which is usual in the Summer holidays.

I will bid you a good evening, as I am off to do some dinner.

Chat soon xx

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