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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Glorious Sunday.

Hi Folks.

With us not moving at weekends, we get to watch the chaos going on around us, with boats going here, there and everywhere and today is no exception.

My day began with me waking up at 7.am, Paddy got his walk and then I cooked Keith and I Mushrooms and Bacon on toast, which got the day off to a good start. I decided that today was to be a boat job free day, after all it was Sunday, so having fed mog, dog and ourselves, I put the sale boards out and settled down to do absolutely nothing. My phone went telling me I had a text from my friend T. I always know when its her, because she has her own message tone. "Would I like to meet for a coffee and a chat". Woo Hoo the reply was "Of course". So just after 10am I collected a bag of rubbish out of the hold and walked down the towpath to dump the rubbish in the bin, I then walked down to the Star Inn, whilst I waited  for T to arrive I sat by Star Lock watching the world go by and the boating chaos, which is always amusing. T arrived, we walked into the town to get a coffee, but neither of us are really fans of Costa Coffee, so we ended up going back to the Star Inn for a cold drink (Non alcoholic), we then sat outside and enjoyed a couple of hours of chat and laughter. I do so love catching up with T, who is a very good friend. On our way out of the pub I noticed a picture on the wall.

star of stone

It was a photograph of the "Star of Stone" a Spitfire built in 1941. The Star of Stone was a Supermarine Spitfire mark vb, so named, after the people of Stone in Staffordshire raised £5000 in 1941 for the Spitfire to be built to aid the war effort. This was apparently common practice. The "Star", BL637, saw action with 331 Squadron at North Weald. This answered the question Keith and I had been asking ourselves since yesterday when we saw the new pub board, which had a Spitfire on it and not a narrowboat. So we learnt something new, as I think we all do everyday.

Back at the boat, lunch has just been consumed and I am thinking maybe a Sunday afternoon film is on the cards.

Chat soon xx

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