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Monday, 8 August 2011

Onward to Wheaton Aston.

Hi Folks.

I had a lovely weekend and felt it should be a blogging free weekend, especially as I was busy, busy with the paint brush yet again. Between us Keith and I have painted the engine room out over the weekend. It is not finished but three quarters of the way there. We have painted the ceilings in the back cabin and engine room, plus the top half of the walls in cream and even though I say it myself  it is looking very smart.

Yesterday saw us say cheerio to Caroline, John, Derek and Eileen as they headed off towards Birmingham. During the evening Cheese Boat 2 pulled in behind us, Keith got a quick chat with David and Helen, we had hoped to see them after dinner, but the weather turn nasty with thunder and heavy rain so we stayed in and watch a DVD instead. Hopefully we will see them again soon, so we can have a proper chat.

So here we are another Monday and the we were on the move at 7am, destination Wheaton Aston. For a change others were on the move early as well, as we approached the Stretton Aqueduct, an oncoming boat flashed his tunnel light to give us the right of way. It was soon clear that the boat was Talisin with Ann and Alan onboard and behind them was Bruce on Boston and Hazel on Firefly, they are all on their way to Shackerstone. It was lovely to see them all again, but as always when on the move we only got to have a quick chat.

We arrived at Wheaton Aston, first job was to empty the toilet cassette, taken on water and get rid of rubbish, after that we pulled into Turner's to take on diesel and buy another gas bottle. Derek's diesel is 73.9p at the moment, it has only gone up a penny since June when we filled up. We did not need to take on diesel, but as we were there it seemed rude not to top the tank up. We were fortunate to find a mooring place back through the bridge 'ole near the sanitary station and opposite the pub, which is handy because we have friends coming to visit, so we will be taking them to The Hartley Arms for lunch, and a possible pint or two.

No pictures because I only have a GPRS signal.

Have a lovely day everyone x.

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