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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Winsford Top Flash to Wheelock.

Hi Folks.

5am alarm call and we were up and about by 5.10am. Paddy got his walk first, so we stepped off of the boat to hear a Buzzard calling. I think there was a nest in the wood close to the boat, because the calling sounded like it was from a youngster. An engine then rumbled along the railway track, off to either collect its carriages or cargo. In the field opposite the boat the cows were walking in an orderly line towards the milking shed, to give their milk. A perfect start to the day watching and listening to another day beginning.

We left the mooring at 5.55am and headed for Stanthorne Lock and who should be moored above it but our good friend Graham on his boat "Suits Us". Of course with it being so early Graham was probably tucked up in his bed, so we crept past and into a lock ready and waiting for us.

I think I can safely say that autumn is definitely here already. IMG_5020

We arrived at Wardle Lock and descended down on to the Trent and Mersey Canal where we turned into Kings Lock. The Wardle Lock cottage was looking a little sad without Maureen living there. Sadly Maureen's health has not been good and she had to give up the lock cottage, for somewhere easier to live in where she is being well looked after. Maureen is such a wonderful character, I have enjoyed some wonderful chats with here, when we have been passing. It is a shame not to see her at the lock. IMG_5028

At Rumps Lock we saw the beginnings of  a rainbow, which grew the further we went along the Trent and Mersey Canal.


As we came to Booth Lane locks we started to meet a lot of boats coming the other way, well at least 5, which I thought would mean there would be lots of room at Wheelock, wrong! A main road runs a long side the canal on this stretch, and it got me wondering if anyone in the vehicles actually takes any notice of the canal, and do some of them actually know it is even there. They are speeding past a piece of history and I bet many of them have never seen a canal, this probably included the driver of a British Salt lorry who was on his mobile phone as he drove past us grrrrrr.

We arrived in  Wheelock and manage to get in behind NB Oakfield belonging to Keith and Ann. We  had a brief chat with them, before they headed off out on the bus. As we were chatting Hadar started to list dramatically, and a quick probe with the short mop told us that she was sitting on something solid, so Keith checked  further in front and there was good deep water so when the lock emptied and the pound rose in level we moved forward to the next ring and equilibrium was restored.

I have been into the village to get some bread and some stamps because I have to post a birthday card. Jenine, Bill and Alex came past on their boat Bewtiched, they are on their way to Chester. It was nice to see that Jenine was ok, after being involved in a car accident a few days, in which the car rolled over.

It is now lunch time and I am off to raid the cupboard.

Chat soon xx

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