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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday's Rambling.

Hi Folks.

It may have been a Sunday, but for me it was a day of doing yet more painting and jobs.

We were awake early again. I do not think we will ever really have a proper lie in, like a lot of people. For me 8am seems a lie in ha ha ha. Keith got up and made us a cup of tea, which was enjoyed in bed. I was up by 7.30, Keith helped me to strip the bed down ready for washing, I was then off the boat and walking Paddy before all the other doggies came out for their walkies. Meanwhile Keith had started on a Bacon, Egg and Mushrooms on Toast for breakfast, I do love his breakfasts, they are always a treat because I do most of our cooking. After enjoying my breakfast, I got started on painting a third coat of Green paint on the header tanks in the engine room, they seem to be taking some covering and even now they still need another coat of paint. Keith rubbed down the day tank and I coated that in Grey undercoat and I also painted the old diesel filter on the engine, which was in need of some paint. Whilst I was doing all that, I got Keith to paint another coat of varnish on our back cabin stool, which is now looking very nice. ( I will photograph it).

The weather played a part in today's jobs, because no sooner I had finished the painting, it began to rain arghhhh, so quick smart, I put the stool in the back cabin. Unfortunately my galley door which I had varnished got a little wet, so I will have to hope it does not affect the finish, I will need to rub it down again, so there will be no harm done in the end.

During the afternoon I got my camera out and spotted a Greenfinch on the peanuts.


There was another tiny little bird around, but I was not quick enough to capture it on camera, which was a real shame, because I think it was a Goldcrest.

Maggie off of NB Forever Young came and paid us a visit. Her boat was at Hack Green and because Mark and son Thomas had gone to see the secret bunker, Maggie decided to walk down to see us, which was lovely of her. We enjoyed a nice chat over a cuppa and some biscuits, whilst making use of the picnic tables supplied by the Shropshire Union Canal Society.

The day has begun to draw into evening and we have enjoyed a rice dinner with Apple Crumble for after's made from the Apples we bought on our way down the Audlem Locks. The Apple's were very scrummy. I am now relaxing whilst drinking a pint of Bass bitter, so my Sunday has been a lovely one. The washing I did earlier is hanging in the engine room drying.

We will be up at 5am and off at 6am tomorrow hopefully, so I am now going to put my feet up before bedtime.

Chat soon xx

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