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Monday, 1 August 2011

Wilden Pool to Wolverley.


Hi Folks.

An earlier start to our days cruising, we set off from our Sunday mooring at 6.55am, with the view to getting Kidderminster for 8am, so we could go food shopping. We passed the old Pratts Wharf, where a disused lock still stands. it used to take boats down on to the river.

Our first lock of the day was Falling Sands Lock, which wooo hoo was empty, so we slipped straight in. It is almost unheard of for us to have the locks with us, so I was in a very happy mood. Lock Two was Caldwell Lock.


I think it is one of the prettiest locks on the system. As we approached the lock, it was also empty woo hoo.  IMG_4743

The lock is made all the prettier because of  the Red Sand Stone Rock alongside the lock. The locks all have locks on them to stop vandals opening the paddles and wasting water, but it seems some boaters think it is above them to close the paddle locks when they leave. They are leaving the locks on the paddles undone meaning those little darlings who have nothing better to do with their time can come along and empty the pounds. It makes me so cross that some people think they can do as they like with little disregard for others.


It was not long before we were back in Kidderminster. We pulled into moorings outside of Tesco and went and did a food shop. An hour later we were on the move up through Kidderminster Lock.


We stopped on the Sainsbury's moorings, because Keith wanted to go and buy a new TV aerial from Maplins. Whilst he went to Maplins I go on with the task of stowing the food away. The freezer is now bursting at the seams as is the food cupboard. I think we will be fine for a couple of weeks at least. Keith was soon back with his purchase, so we set off for Wolverley. At Wolverley Court Bridge Lock it was empty woo hoo happy days. We had the option to moor below Wolverley Lock, but I thought I would walk up and see if there was any space above the lock. To my surprise the 48 hour moorings were empty, so waiting for us to arrive.

We are now on the 48 hour moorings and I am about to make some lunch, so I will catch you later maybe xx

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