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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wheelock to Church Lawton.


Hi Folks.

Last night ended with a very pretty sunset and me in bed just after 9pm. I was shattered so was glad to put my head on the pillow. I did not hear a think until the alarm went off at 5am.


Sunrise began as I walked Paddy up to the locks. A warm glow shone over the first of the Wheelock flight which I would be walking.

After breakfast Keith prepared the boat for the off whilst I worked the first of the 20 locks on route we would do.


The lock cottage looked lovely with the sun coming up behind it. There was also a mist on the water again.


I love working locks this early in the morning, when everything is so quiet.


Many of the locks on this section are double locks, so you get a choice on which one to use. Unfortunately many of the locks were against us this morning, we did have a couple of locks later on which boats were coming out of, so we nipped into them afterwards.


My favourite photo of the day is this one of juvenile Swallow's sitting on a lock gate waiting to be fed by their parents.


As we approached Hassell Green the M6 Motorway was roaring with traffic and in the distance I could see Mow Cop shrouded in cloud.


At Hassell Green there is a shop and a restaurant at the lock, which I hear is very good, we have been in the shop before but never tried the restaurant.


It was not until 8.10am at the second of the Pierpoint Locks that we met another boat, by this time we had done 11 locks, so had broken the back of our morning cruise. Boats were now on the move, so we did meet people coming in the opposite direction, but we never had to queue at any of the locks. Keith put the Kettle on, so I could make some coffee, because I was parched having worked all the locks and walked most of the 5 plus miles. Still it is good exercise and on such a beautiful morning, I did not mind one bit.

We are now moored above the Church Lawton Locks for the rest of the day. I will probably take a walk up to the church which if I remember rightly is a very pretty one. But for now I am enjoying a coffee.

Chat later maybe xx.

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