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Monday, 29 August 2011

Everyday a holiday...

Hi Folks.

Another day of no photographs. The signal at Crick is so poor that I could run quicker to generate a signal in a Hamsters wheel.

So here we are another Bank Holiday Monday and it is a little chilly and dull outside. Yesterday I did very little in the way of boat jobs, because the weather was sunshine and showers. I did light the back cabin stove, so I could dry our Donkey jackets, which were still very wet and beginning to smell like a wet dog ewwww. Marmite was the first to find a cosy place in the cabin, she knows where the warm places are.

So another Bank Holiday, which really makes no difference to us, because everyday is a holiday in my world. I am on a constant Honeymoon. For the second morning running Keith did us both a cooked breakfast of Bacon and Mushrooms on Toast mmmmm. I relit the back cabin stove because it is chilly and feels like Autumn is coming early. There has been a steady flow of  boats on the move, which is a little surprising because of the restrictions, I can only think they are boats which have come out of the marina's on this stretch just for the weekend.

I had a list of jobs to do in my head and they include some brass cleaning and then need to get rid of the dog hair which is gathering as if it were having a party. With the amount of hair Paddy sheds, he should be bald by now. After breakfast, I put out the for sale signs and laid out some Kindling, Firelighters, Brasso and Toilet Blue on the roof, hoping I would get at least one customer, this proved to be a good idea because I did get one customer who bought some Brasso and Firelighters which was very kind of them. Job two was to take the toilet cassette over to the sanitary station to empty it. Keith passed the cassette out to me and I put it on the small trolley and wheeled it over the bridge to the sanitary station. Walking over Crick bridge is always like taking your life in your hands because their is no footpath and the traffic is very unforgiving. But job two achieved, so it was on to job 3 cooking a curry for dinner, which spent most of the afternoon in the back cabin stove simmering away. Whilst the curry cooked, I stewed some cooking Apples and made us an Apple pie for pudding tonight. I was told sometime ago that cheese in the pastry goes very nicely with Apples so have given it a go and will tell you what I thought tomorrow. Job 4 was to clean the brass outside and in the back cabin, which was done and dusted for another few days or until the rain ruins it. At this time of the year I begin the wind down on cleaning the brass because it discolours so quickly. I will however make sure it is sparkling for the Foxton Festival. Job 5 I stripped the bed, so that I can wash the sheet and duvet later this evening when the generator is running. Not sure if I have told you, we have an inbuilt generator, which was put in when the boat was built. It stands in the engine room and when running sounds like a standard boat engine, so it is not to noisy and therefore cannot annoy anyone.

The temperature outside is still on the chilly side and there is a definite feel of Autumn in the air. People moving on boats and walkers coming past the boat all have woolly hats, coats and gloves on brrrrrrrr.

At the moment we are watching "Mutiny on the Bounty" on Channel 5. The afternoon is wearing into the evening and I now have dinner to organise, pets to feed and a bed to make, so I will say cheerio for now xx.

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