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Friday 5 March 2010

78% of parents say their children have poor what??

Good afternoon.

It is another fabulous day, after another heavy frost over night. I love mornings which are cold and frostie, because you are then pretty much guaranteed a lovely day.
Today's Survey was 78% of parents say their children have poor what??
Now once again there could be lots of answers to this one, but the answer was Poor Table Manners. Firstly I am surprised that this 78% of parents even admitted that their little darlings have this behaviour. Surely if your child has poor table manners it is your fault, because as a parent we are supposed to teach our children the rights and wrongs. So if your child has poor table manners, it is your fault.
When I look back to my childhood, I always had my meal at the table, with the rest of my family and was corrected if I did something wrong at the table. I guess the problem these days, is that families rarely eat at a table, let a lone together. I admit that on the boat we eat with our dinners on our laps, and this is maninly due to the fact that there is very little room for a table. I think for many it is purely because they are to lazy to even set a table. The kids of today sit in front of the TV whilst eating their food, or even worse in their bedrooms with the computer on. Table manners have to be taught at home. I was taught table manners as a child and it really does annoy me when we are eating out, that parents allow their children to do what they like.
Arghhhhhhhh its almost the weekend and I have gone off into a Friday rant. I will blame the local radio station for bringing up the survey hahaha.

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