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Wednesday 3 March 2010


Love Is...
finding he has a high “kissability” factor.

Good afternoon.

I am going to start with todays survey, because I think people are taking the cowards way out with this one. 34% of people have done what by email?
The answer was end a relationship.
That says a lot about our society doesn't it?
What ever happened to dumping someone face to face?
I would be mortified if someone dumped me via an e-mail or text. But I guess that is the world we are growing old in.

It is on the chilly side today after a slight frost over night. But jobs have to be done no matter the weather. The usual morning routine began at 8am this morning. Bed was rolled up and hidden in the cupboard. Back cabin stove was riddled into life. Breakfast was made and eaten and then P got his walk. He got to meet and greet the dog population here, before making a be line back to the boat for his breakfast. M was sat at the door complaining because she wanted feeding. P always sits and waits patiently for his breakfast biscuits, but M will not stop meowing until you put the food in her dish. So with tranquility restored, it was time to tackle the first job of the day, which was cooking steak and kidney for a pie for dinner tonight. That is now cooking slowly in the back cabin stove. A new delivery of coal is planned for the end of the week, so I needed to restack some of the coal to make more room. It is never a clean job, but as the housecoal is dusty I always end up looking like I have been working down the coal mine, when in fact I was in the hold for half and hour. Still it is all done now and when the coal arrives I can stack it neatly away. Having done that the coal boards needed changing, because I am not selling Pureglow anymore, because customers do not like it. The last few remaining bags, we will burn as it burns well on our saloon stove. Oh talking about coal. Yesterday afternoon I had a customer come for coal and I offered to wheel it up the towpath for her, as she wanted 3 bags. She put on bag on her trolley and I had the other 2 bags. I guess it was over half a mile to her boat along the towpath, which was not a problem. Anyway we arrived with the coal and I stood chatting to her and her husband for a while before walking back. During the evening there was a knock on the door and there were the couple and their two dogs. They had bought me some chocolate to say thank you for me taking their coal up to them. I told them it was all part of the service and I really did not mind. They said that not many would have done that. But surely it is all part of the job. I think so anyway. But it was nice to be appreciated. The chocolate was comsumed whilst watching TV. I have some really lovely customers. It really put a smile on my face.
I have just eaten lunch and I am now wondering what to do next. I should get the hoover out, because there are dog hairs everywhere. In fact the boat looks like a bombs hit it. Because we have two coal fires, we do have to put up with a lot of dust. I am looking forward to letting the fires go out. I can then wash everything down and get rid of the dust properly. That will mean a huge Spring Clean, especially in the back cabin, beacuse I have ribbon plates and lace to wash as well. I actually really enjoy Spring cleaning and seeing everything looking fresh and clean. If the weather begins to warm up that will be the next major task to tackle, along with the painwork.
Ok lunch over and coffee almost finished, I must shut this computer down and do something. Have a lovely day.

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