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Saturday 6 March 2010

Poop Art.

If you have a stomach that does not cope well with stomach curdling pictures, or you are easily offended then please leave this posting now, because I an not sorry for this posting. I am making a stand on dog owners who allow their dogs to foul the footpaths and towpaths of this beautiful countrysdie of ours.

I could have posted at least a dozen of photos, which contained dog faeces, all directly in the walking line.

Does it look like art?
Does it even look nice?
The answer to that is NO, on both counts. It is unseenly.
Britain is well known for being a nation of dog lovers. All dogs whether they be pedigree hounds or just plain old pooches, all have something in common, they all product dog faeces and this makes them mans worst enemy, when man steps in what a dog produces. Now we cannot blame the dog, because they do what they have to do. We the human is to blame because it is the responsibilty of the dog owner to ensure that the dog's mess is cleaned up. We have a dog and I always carry bags on me, so that I can clean up after him. There is nothing difficult about doing such a thing and if you or any dog owners finds it distastful, then maybe they should not own a dog.
Did you know.
There are around 24 million UK households and, in 2002, the number of households owning dogs was 4.8 million.
21% of households with dogs have more than one.
There are around 6.8 million dogs in the UK and it is estimated that the dog population of the UK produces 900 tonnes of faeces every day. Over a ten-year lifetime, a dog can produce up to half a ton of faeces, that is a huge pile.
There are huge health risks with dog faeces. All faeces contains bacteria that can cause stomach upsets if ingested. However, the greatest risk to public health from dog faeces is toxocariasis.
Toxocariasis is an infection of the round worm Toxocara canis. Young children in particular are at risk due to their weaker immune systems and because they are more likely to expose themselves by ingesting the eggs. Just one small puppy can pass as many as 15,000 eggs per gram of faeces, that is a lots of eggs.
Each Toxocara canis female can lay up to 700 eggs a day. These are passed out when the dog defecates and can survive for up to three years in soil. So even after laying on the ground for a week or two, this hazard continues long after.
Did you also know. There are two types of toxocariasis: visceral larva migrans (VLM) and ocular larva migrans (OLM).
In VLM, the larvae reach the liver, causing inflammation and symptoms such as abdominal pain and pyrexia. Most people recover spontaneously.

OLM occurs when a migrating larva reaches the eye. It causes a granuloma to form on the retina, causing significant visual impairment and in severe cases even blindness.
There are about 12 new cases of OLM diagnosed annually in the UK. That is twelve cases to many in my opinion. I know first hand the damage OLM can cause, as I knew a family whose little girl was blinded in one eye and only has partial sight in the other. That little girl did not ask for this illness, but unfortunately she will have to live with her blindness for the rest of her life. Due to a selfish dog owner, who probably did not bother to worm their dog. Dogs should be wormed regularly, every three to six months. Use a prescription wormer from a veterinary surgeon.
I wish every dog owner would scoop their dogs poop, that way it would cut down the risk of illness, not to mention the fact that we would not have to step in it or even look at it.
Where we are at the moment there are two dog bins and plenty of litter bins, so there is absolutely no excuse for not bagging and bining the poop. But people are just to lazy to do so. Some of the worst offenders are those people, who allow their dogs to run off of the lead, and therefore they do not keep an eye on what there dog is doing. I went out one morning to find a dog had crapped on one of our mooring ropes. I kid you not this happened and I therefore had to clean it up and then wash the rope. Now I bet this was a dog off the lead.
I am a huge dog lover. I have had dogs all my life. And I have always cleaned up after my dogs and will continue to do so. So PLEASE will other dog owners do the same. Dog Faeces are not Poop Art.

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